Thursday, December 10, 2009

I got it!!!

I am so so so happy and no words can really explain how I am feeling right now, but I got my bfp yesterday!!!
So I got my blood confirmation this morning, my count is 3104, which puts me in the 5-6wks time. I don't know how that's possible as I calculate to be around the 4 wks mark, but I am just so happy all is fine! My symptoms are sore boobs, cramping & sore lower back! Just to prove it, here's my tests!!:

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well we've been keeping relatively busy since my last post. We had a camping weekend in Cape Vidal the weekend that's just gone! It was awesome, such a stunning place. My only complaint was the weather, we had a lot of rain, but when it wasn't raining, it was so so humid it's unbelievable. All in all we had a good time though. Frank was chuffed as he caught two fish, one of 11.5 kgs and the other 9kgs (both are Dorado):

Connor feeding the bokkie's and a pic of the pesty monkey's eating our chips!

Connor of course loved the camping part. He actually went to bed on his own, just so that he could 'dudu in the tent'.!! :)

TTC side i am approx 16dpo today, and starting to cramp. The optimistic thing i have going this month is that i have lower backache (which i don't normally get) which i had when i was pg with Connor. I vowed not to poas until tomorrow, so i will be doing that first thing in the morn. Pls hold fingers for me!

Otherwise we are getting excited now as it's only 10 sleeps until we see the family in jhb! Can't wait!

And now i leave you with a pic of the cutest butt ever:

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bad mom

Last week I told you about Connor slamming his finger in the car door right? Well on Friday we went to Ant & Kate's for a braai and Connor fell off little Tom's bike & scratched his face on their tar driveway! Shame he screamed when it first happened, but the funny thing was after a few seconds, he was fine!! Even the Debbo's said they can't believe how brave our little boy is! I obviously feel like the worst mom ever letting this happen to him, but I guess boys will be boys!?

Then to add to me being the worst mom ever, I heard Connor playing in my car yesterday (hooting the horn) so thought I will just finish what i am doing, then will go and put him down to nap (knowing he's quite happy playing in the car). Not even 5 minutes later, I go to look for him & can't find him anywhere. I looked at the back of my car, but couldn't see his head so thought he wasn't in there. In panic mode, i call Anna to ask if she's seen him & she said she thought he was in the car. Back to the car we go and look what we found:

He'd obviously decided he's way too tired, so he'll just have a cat nap in the back of mom's car. Note how he even put his seatbelt on too - man he's precious!

Anyways, on to another topic (feel bad enough already he he he). I think I may have ovulated over the weekend & just hope we managed to get it right!!! Please hold fingers for me.

Our building took a bit of a horrible turn over the weekend. Due to the guys trying to level out the 'bottom garden', our retainer wall dropped around 1m!!! So we now have to first rebuild the retainer wall (on a stronger foundation) before we can carry on with the building. It's a bit of a set back, but luckily we aren't in too much of a rush to get it done!

Frank got his Bakkie, and he's really happy with it, although it does take a bit of getting used to as it's by no means the Audi! It's still really comfy to drive & Connor loves cruising around in the bakkie!

It's only 24 sleeps until we go see the family in Dec - man i can't wait any more!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Well I guess a lil update would be nice??
We are into our 9th month now of ttc, and honestly, i am getting tired of it! I am sort of making peace with having only one child & you know what, it's not that bad!
I know it's very negative thinking, but i guess the ttc gets to you after a while. I have dreamed of having a little girl for so long, and I just wish it would happen already!
Ok enough of the soppy stuff. I am not on Clomid any more & decided to do a cycle of soy. We fell pg with Connor on Soy, so lets hope it does the trick this time around.
If nothing, we will be giving it a break until next year!

Shame yesterday my little prince slammed his finger in the car door. It was so so sore & got an instant red bruise which i have never seen before.

We also had a test drive in Frank's new car (which he's getting this Thurs) and I must say, it's very comfortable for a bakkie! I will put some pics up as soon as I get some :)

I haven't posted any pics recently of my little man, so here's a few i thought i would share :

Just being cute:

Sorting through his clothes to find a Ben10 shirt:
At the bird sanctuary:

Exhausted after a play date with Mia:


Happy birthday my love

Happy happy birthday Babe, I hope your day is awesome and we can't wait to see you later ;)

We love you very much.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thank goodness

You know it's not every day that we get to thank our lucky stars, but that's exactly what I was doing on Monday the 26th October!!
Frank was in an accident, where a car came off the top highway, (at spaghetti junction) it rolled down the embankment and crashed straight into Frank!!!
All I can say is thank goodness for Audi - it's the second time this type of car has saved him! He walked away a bit stiff, and a bit of whiplash, but no serious injuries!!
The car has since been written off & we are in the process of buying a new car. We're looking at getting a Toyota bakkie.
Here's some pics of our car:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Congrats & stuff

So it give me great pleasure to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my younger sister Carys and her hubby Shaun! I got a phone call on Friday morning asking if hpt's are sensitive (bless her) and I of course just screamed Yippee!! I am so happy for them as they've been trying for a while now & I know how much it sucks when you want something so badly! Wow, I wish you guys a wonderful healthy and happy nine months :)

So I went to the gynae on Friday for another check up too. He basically told me that he's not a fertility specialist, and if i want to see one then i must rather go to the fertility clinic. That sounds harsh & he didn't really say it like that, but you get what i mean.
He said i had either a cyst or a follie on the right hand side. Now this made me sad as i thought i had already ovulated from the left hand side. I am not sure if there'd be visible evidence if i did! He said everything looked fine, so whether that means my uterus lining is also fine I don't know. (yip i know, stupid not to ask AGAIN). So basically the appt was a waste of time. I left there not knowing if I have ovulated, or if I am going to. The other thing is doc said i must give my body a break from the clomid now :( That also upset me as I don't think I will ovulate on my own any more. I may just go the soy route until the end of the year, then take things further in the new year.

On Saturday I dropped Connor off at his Ouma & Oupa's house as I was going to a stork party and shame he fell asleep on Ouma and slept the whole time I was away!

On another note, I am taking some meat to Pick n Pay today hehehe Nope not because i cook so well, but actually because I bought some meat from them yesterday & when I got home I cooked it. When i opened it I smelt it and thought it was suspicious, but cooked it as it had a basting on which i just presumed was what i was smelling. Once it was cooked, I had one taste & realised that I was right - it was off!!!!! Nasty. Now I am taking it in a bag back to them & will be demanding a refund. I mean how the hell can they sell meat that's off?? Wish me luck ha ha ha


Will post again soon


Doc update

Good grief, at long last (and after cortizone and steroids) Connor seems to be finding the road to recovery again! We had a very hectic few nights with him as he just couldn't stop coughing which in turn effected his sleeping. The doctor basically said that because he's been on anti biotics, the infection is now 'coming out'. The coughing is caused by loose phlegm. He told us that if Connor isn't better by Monday (today) we must take him to see a specialist.
Thank goodness that he seems better now than he did. He's by no means 100% yet, but I think he should be by the end of the week!


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Connor finished his anti biotic on Saturday & seemed fine. UNTIL yesterday! He is none stop coughing & I decided to take him back to his gp. I am getting worried as he's had this cough for about 4 wks now & yesterday he had a bit of fever. Hope the doc gives us some meds that sort him out once & for all.

TTC: Have mega o pains going on, but not a clear + opk yet :)

Will keep you posted on doc results

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well i am very excited to share this bit of news with you. I got a phone call yesterday from one of the creche's that I put Connor's name down on the waiting list & she told me she has a place for him!!! So we went to go & have a look & I must just say, i LOVE it! There is a nice warm, open atmosphere about the place & the people are very friendly. There's loads of things for the kiddies to do & they all look very happy to be there!
Connor ran off with some of the kids & actually cried when i told him it's time to go. He said it's 'his kool' & cried all the way to the car.
I am so happy he got in there & I think he's going to love it. Oh and best of all, they have LOADS of extra murals for the kids for next year, so I can get him started with swimming & gymnastics too!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sickly beings

I took Connor off to the gp yesterday. Firstly because i had the worse hay fever ever, and couldn't sleep because of my itchy mouth. Secondly because Connor has had the flu on & off for the past two weeks.
The diagnosis is: Connor got some anti biotics to clear up his infection as it was going into his tonsils again. He also got some anti histamine which helped to clear his blocked nose.
I on the other hand got some unexpected news. My asthma is back with a vengeance :( I am now on steroids to help my lungs & doc reckons if i don't sort it out now, I will be in hospital for it in less than 6 mnths. So obviously i decided to take the meds - which is for at least two months, then will be reassessed. I also have an ear infection which according to doc looks like big water bubbles in my ear, so got and anti biotic for that & some celestamine for the hay fever! Wow I am feeling like I am falling apart.

The good thing about the appt is Dr. Sookram (man i love this woman) suggested i have my thyroid rechecked as it was a bit over active last time i saw her. She said i won't conceive if that's not right & she understands my 'need' to fall pg quickly he he he. So I had some bloods drawn & should get the results by Friday. Jo (Dr. Sookram) also copied Dr. Wellensiek (gynae) in on the results, so he'll have a copy too :)
Oh and I was discussing the Femara / Clomid debate with Jo. She said that some new results should be coming out by the end of the year that prove that Femara is much less harsh on the body & produces much better results than the Clomid!!!! I will be seeing her next year for the Femara if nothing materialises by then (Dr. Wellensick doesn't know about Femara!!!!)
The other thing is I am not sure if i will keep my gynae appt for next week as it seems a bit futile if my thyroid is over active. Well will keep you posted on the results.

As for now, I am going to have a nap with my lil prince.


Monday, October 12, 2009

I ho I ho it's off to doc i go

Well the witch arrived a day late (after building up much anticipated hope) on Friday. I even poas in the hope that maybe, just maybe i may be lucky :) Oh well.
So with her arrival, it marks the fifth month for me on clomid. I figured i would do the whole six months on the stuff if anything, just to please my doc & then go for more tests from there.
The very strange thing is I sometimes get cramps, but on Friday, man they were crippling me.
Then the witch confused me even more by disappearing again yesterday afternoon. That means my af was 2.5 days long??? Well that was enough for me & I made an appt to see the doctor on the 23rd October at 14h15. I am of course hoping he finds no irregularities, but also hoping that he finds an answer for something (Ie uterus lining too thin etc).

On the other news, Connor is full of the flu again :(
I was getting so excited, as he actually slept in his own bed on Tues & Wed and only came into our room in the morning. I of course thought this is a good turn & from now on he'll stay in his own room. Boy was that dream short lived. Shame I can't blame him though, he really not feeling too great, so have just been dosing the poor lil chap!

Frank's leaving for Mozambique tomorrow! Yes of course i am green with envy, but the thoughts of joining a 'fishing club trip' were not too appealing, so I am hoping that Connor and I will get our trip to Mozam sometime soon.

Other than that, it's still bladdy raining, but is so so so humid - the joys of living in a tropical area!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mid week

Hi just a little update:

Well it's midweek already & thought I would surprise you all with another post :)
Not much is actually really happening. Except Frank's paid for all the building materials now, and we will hopefully start our building this weekend! I am actually excited for it :) As for the créche story, we still aren't 100% sure if I am going to do it. Reason being is I am not sure it's what i want to do. I mean to do something like that, you have to do it because you really really want to. Although I love kiddies alot, I am not sure it's what i really really want to do with not much income. Also the long hours worry me as I won't be able to spend the special time with Connor like i do now - so ja back to the drawing board on that idea.

TTC side, around 16dpo today, so the witch should make an appearance tomorrow evening. Now I am cramping quite badly today & not left with much optimism - will keep you posted!

Enjoy your evening all

Thursday, October 1, 2009

My gorgeous beach babe

Thought I would share the latest pics:

Blame it on the ....................

I know it's unbelievable how quickly the time goes by & I just don't get round to my blog :(

Well we had an awesome long weekend spent with Dave & Christeli from Jhb. They actually came down to Scottburgh for the weekend & we ended up going & staying with them!
It was really nice, the kids got to play together and we at least had one nice day of sunshine which we spent on the beach :)
The guys went to the rugga on the Friday night, and obviously got home very late again - they battled to keep their eyes open on Saturday he he he
Connor had a blast with his cuzzie (Amber), I will try and post some pics soon!
Then basically we have had non stop rain since Sunday evening!!!!! I kid you not, it's been alot of rain! I of course phsychologically (sorry can't spell that to save my life) tell myself it's an excuse to eat & stuff everything down my throat ha ha ha
Connor is doing well, but like mentioned earlier, is getting bored sitting at home. I have tried to keep him busy this week so far though! Monday we went to the post office & did some grocery shopping (yeah i know it's boring, but hey at least we get out of the house a bit).
Tuesday we went through to the pavillion - it was awesome spending time with Connor & I ended up getting him a few things for xmas! Well he actually picked the things, but forgot about them by the time we got home, so I put them away he he he. Yesterday we went to the mommy group, but Connor wasn't too keen on playing with the kids this time around! But its alright :)
Then this morning (after a restless evening with Connor) we got up early to pick up Frank from the airport! Everything went ok, except Connor in his own mind had decided that we were going to the airport so WE could fly on the aeroplane! Needless to say we had heartbreak on the way home :( But he knows we will go on a plane 'soon' (his own words) as we will be going to Jhb in Dec!
Hmmm so that's about all so far, will try update again soon!!!!!!!

Oh ttc side: I am CD25 today and approx 10dpo, af is due around thursday next wk. I may poas on Monday IF there's no sign of AF! Hold fingers!
I have been cramping since yesterday, but oddly, on both sides! Hope this is a good sign, but the sane side of me is telling me it may be cysts again!


Monday, September 21, 2009


The weekend has come and gone and it's Monday again :)

Friday we didn't really do too much other than scoff some kfc (man i love that stuff) and watched some tv!
Saturday I took Connor down to the beach in the morning to watch his dad come in after fishing, and we ended up spending the majority of the day there! Wow it was an awesome day. (will post some pics later). Frank was very brave and took Connor in the sea, damn that water is bladdy cold!!! I of course got burned to a crisp again :( I was so so so stupid, but figured we were only going to the beach for a few hours so didn't put sunscreen on! I of course covered Connor from head to toe in sunblock and smeered Frank too - but didn't think of myself! Oh well, at least my body had it's first taste of 'summer sun' and I made a note to self 'cover in sunblock whenever heading to the beach'!!!

TTC side, I ddin't get a +opk this weekend, but we managed to keep up with our 'homework'! I am hoping that i ovulated even though it doesn't show on an opk. Hold fingers everyone!

Oh whilst i am on the chat of babies, I just wanted to say congrats to Shinel & Tak on the birth of their baby girl, Talulah Faye!!! She is absolutely gorgeous and has my broody hormones on over drive he he he.

Check back later, will post some pics :)


Friday, September 18, 2009

O Weeekend

Yippee it's a rainy Friday here and that means movies under a blankie :)

It just so happens that it's the big 'o' weekend, so hoping this weather helps a bit ;)

We've had the builder come and look at our premises, and it looks like we will start building in 2 wks time! How exciting yet nerve wrecking at the same time. I have decided that i will have no more than 20 kids and will offer a full day. There's obviously loads of things that I still have to do in preparation, but I am feeling excited already :)

Anyways, hold fingers for us & enjoy your weekend.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

General information

Wow just to find general information to opening a creche is an absolute nightmare - no surprise in this country right?
Anyways, the progress to the creche plan is that Frank suggested we build at the bottom of our garden & put a room & toilets down there for the kids to use. He also said that he'll put up jungle gyms etc!! I am very excited about this but of course a bit nervous.
I have been looking for info on line about it, but still need to do some more research so will keep you posted!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The weekend came and went quickly!
Frank worked on Saturday, so Connor and I spent the day cleaning house, playing in the garden and shopping! Connor's always complaining about the sun when he's in old faithful (my car) so I decided to buy him his first pair of sunnies, he loves them :)

Frank then surprised us with a trip down to Southbroom on Sunday! It was an awesome drive and great having time to chat! We went to a restaurant called 'riptide' which is right on the beach. The food was ok, but the view and position of the restaurant is stunning! Afterwards lunch, we took Connor down to the beach and just let him play for a bit. We then finished up with ice creams before heading back home again!
I must say, life at the coast is pretty idylic..........................

This week i am looking into what it takes to open a child minding / creche facility. I still can't get Connor into any schools, so hence my idea. Will keep you posted.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday :)

It's weekend :) :) Time to have some 'family' time - I think it's something we need right now!

Not much planned really, except we may take Mr. C out for dinner tonight - will see how Frank's case progresses.

Oh and I bought some material today to finally cover our 'poef'! For those of you that don't know - it's an awesome poef, but it's falling apart. The cover is totally ripped off now & there's only sponge in it's place. I don't know how successful we are going to be upholsterers, but hey it's worth a try right?

Anyways, you have an awesome weekend.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


That's how I am feeling again! I don't know what it is, but I just feel so useless.........................
I think this idle sitting around doing nothing, with no purpose makes it even worse. I need a job or something :(

I phoned the creche that I am hoping to send Mr. C to this morning, and it doesn't look too promising :( The receptionist said they are still only sorting through the 'sibling list' and only then will they attend to the waiting list. I enrolled Connor in March 09 for next year, and they are telling me they're full already!!!! Oh and the ironic thing - there's still a notice on there sign saying '2010 enrolments now open'! I am peeved about this as the creche is on our street and a mere walk away from our house, so I really wanted him to go there.
I guess I will have to go look at other options.........


Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday's af arrival

Well just to make sure that my Monday is really blue, AF decided to arrive. I am pretty miserable about it as I was starting to think it could have been the month as I was feeling very nauseas. I guess i just put that down to Clomid side effects again!

This month's plan: Clomid 100mgs (or maybe 50mgs) from cd1-5. Will use the cp around ovulation time & just hold fingers.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday & feeling better :)

Yippee, just in time for the weekend, I am starting to feel human again!
Connor is looking better too, so looks like a good weekend is in store for us :)
I will fill you in on what we get up to next week, but in the mean time I have to share the 'catch of the day' with you.
This is what Frank caught this morning, just off Toti Main beach, it's a salmon of 22kgs!!!!

I don't know why my pic's don't seem to be the greatest quality at the moment, but it's the same camera?

Anyways, I am off to buy some groceries.

Have an awesome weekend all XXXXX

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh so sick

Now I hate to complain about having a cold, but damn, I feel like death itself! My nose is totally bunged up and my head is about to explode :( The joys of travelling to different provinces?!?!?

Oh on another note, Mr. C fell off the bottom of his bed last night whilst fast asleep! He's also coming down with the flu and I think he must have been very restless! Needless to say, he woke up with the biggest bump on his head this morning, poor lil man - talk about being in the wars!

No sign of af yet. Did have a bit of cramping, but not too bad. I have the lower back ache though, which is a sure sign of her impending arrival :( Will kup!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TTC Garb

Today is cd25, approximately 12dpo!
What this means is af is due more or less Friday, and this cycle, I will NOT be testing early! I will not give in to temptation & I WILL try to be strong he he he. I don't know how long this will last though! ;)
Like i said in my previous posts, my darkest opk was on Thursday, and we only got to bd on Friday evening. So we could still have a very small chance, but I am not too optimistic this month :(
Hopefully next cycle (if there is one) will be more successful!



Home sweet home

We are home sweet home again!
We had an awesome time in Johannesburg but just regret at how quickly the time flies by!
It was so nice spending time with my sisters, but I think Connor had the best time with his cousins! It was none stop play from the minute they all woke up!
Connor has become the #1 fan of 'Ben 10'! It was so sweet to watch him in the mornings, he'd get up and run to Cole's cupboard and cry until someone put a Ben 10 shirt on him!
Oh how they pick these things up from their cuzzies! I have also been renamed to 'nicki' now and not mommy any more!
Here's a pic of the hat I had to put on (with Ben 10 on) to get him to fall back to sleep again at 11pm!
One of Connor at the airport, ready to come home, kitted in Ben 10 from the head down!

I managed to get together with Taryn and her family on the Saturday, as well as to see a couple of our mutual friends too! Connor once again had a blast there, running around with all the other kids!
Oh Taryn cut Connor's hair for me too, it's in the "Maddox" style now (almost mohican). I am sure in later years Connor will wonder just what the hell i was thinking, but for now it's adorable :)

Connor's joyous face as he descends the slide:

The weather was a bit colder than here at the coast, but not unbearable.

The boys played quite a bit of soccer whilst we were there & it's too sweet to see them all running around in their 'kits':

And just a few of the cuzzies:

Will update ttc side shortly!



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