Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well done

Just wanted to say well done to Marcelle who got her book listed! If you want to take a look, please go here: Baking Maybe's

I just wanted to mention too that Connor slept through last night!!!! He slept from 7pm until 6:20 this morning - wow how awesome it was to get a decent night's sleep. We spent some time on the beach yesterday, so I think the fresh sea air might have knocked him out!

TTc side, not much news really, cd 25 today and this cycle seems to be draaaaging it's feet somewhat. It feels like I have been on the same cycle for a few months already he he he. I think i will perhaps poas next week friday IF af decides to stay away. Hold fingers.............


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well last night I had the worst tummy ache ever! Now before you all go getting excited, it's not pg related (well at least i don't think so) but I actually think it was from all the biltong i ate LOL!
This morning I am still feeling 'tender' and would love it to be ips, but honestly............ not feeling it much this month :(
I am on cd23 today and am not planning on poas anytime soon. IF I am late, then maybe, otherwise will wait for af to arrive. Sorry to dissappoint, but like I said, not feeling it much this month .............


Weekend 'no news'

So the reason I haven't updated recently is there isn't much news to report he he he
Our weekend came and went and was pretty quiet. We had Donna and Darryl over for a chinese braain on Saturday and that was really nice as Connor got to play with Kiara! They so cute...........

Sunday we did a bit of shopping and just did some house chores. Yup I know pretty boring but nice in the long run.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

TTC stuff

Right so i forgot to poaopk on Saturday (I know - really stupid). Sunday's opk was very clear, but not as dark as the control line. Monday's was darker than Sundays, but Tuesday's was the same as Monday's!!! Confused?? Imagine my mind!

One thing that was quite hectic though is the pain I had yesterday. I felt like I could barely walk. Now people in the know say it could have been the egg being released? So I guess we will wait and see!
Either way, i presume i am in the two week wait now - time will tell!

Hold fingers..

Mid week award

Yup that's right, i got an award from my friend marcelle : . Thanks girl, love it!

honestscrapaward.jpg picture by mckmom

So with keeping up with the instructions of accepting this award, I will now tell you 10 things about myself that you may/may not already know:
1. I am a poanything addict :)
2. I am a total baby freak, anything to do with or about babies I will be fascinated with.
3. I'm a qualified infant massage instructor (yes I know most may know this already)
4. I am dangerous if let loose in a kitchen, can't cook to save my life!
5. I am the sibling of two brothers and two sisters
6. I have three tattoo's. One on my shoulder of the moon (my birth planetary symbol). One on my right foot which is Connor's birth date in roman numericals, surrounded by flowers. And one on my left ankle of a butterfly.
7. My favourite lucky number is 7. I was born on the 07.07 and Connor was born on the 17.07.2007
8. Recently I can't get enough of prawns - man i love them!
9. I used to be quite the rebel when i was younger, but have since settled down (a bit)
10. I am actually a very shy person until i get to know you (but then once i know you, I won't nor can't shut up!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Party pics

Wow the party was a huge success! All the kids had a blast & Connor absolutely loved having all the 'babba's' (his words) over!
Here's a few pics:

The second birthday.....

Let me start by saying thanks so much for all the good birthday wishes for Connor - it's great having so many family and friends thinking of him!

Connor's morning started off well, one pressie and a bottle.

I then took Connor to the movies to watch Ice Age 3. It was good except for the fact that the 3D glasses are so big, there's no way of keeping them on a kiddie's face - so Connor just watched is like normal. He fell asleep half way through - but it was all good.
Daddy came home in the afternoon & we gave him his "big pressie" - his Y-Bike! Shame he absolutely loves it!

We then did some party preparation by washing his 'old bikes' so that the friends can ride on them at the party:

After we finished with that, we went and got changed and went to RJ's for dinner. Carys and Shaun drove straight from Jhb to Rj's - so it was awesome having them there for dinner.

Connor played on the climbing frames and had a ride on the dodgems. He had an absolute blast of a time.

His dinner was finished off by mommy asking (more like forcing) the waiters to sing happy birthday to the big boy & blowing out the candles on his ice cream! It was so sweet, then he passed out on my lap.

The rest of our evening was pretty quiet in preparation for the following day.............

Friday, July 17, 2009

Happy birthday!!!!

Happy happy birthday my big boy!
I can't believe that two years have gone by already since i held you in my arms for the first time!
Everyday is so special because you are in it!! You make mommy and daddy very proud and we hope you have a fantastic birthday weekend!

A few hours old:

23 Months old:

Love you lots

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

General stuff

So a week has gone by since my last post, so I though I would fill you in on the happenings.
Our weekend was very very boring :( We basically sorted out the house the whole weekend, but hey I guess now it looks better!
I've been busy preparing for Connor's birthday party & wow what a mission! Just to get someone who is able to make a motorbike story here in Amanzimtoti is a story on it's own! The preparation is pretty complete now though & we are looking forward to the party.
Connor is just getting so cute, clever and busier by the day. He knows he's having a party & when i ask who's going to come he replies "babba's". It's so funny he thinks all kids are babba's even if they're older than him!
We're still in the process of potty training and i would say so far so good?!? Connor is very confident doing a wee in the loo (even stands on the toilet rim because he want's to stand up) but getting him to tell us when he needs to wee is another story! I guess it will come with time & patience, so for now we just take him to the toilet as often as possible. Of course this potty training started a new fashion trend:

We had Frank's sister visit us over the weekend with Amber (Frank's neice)! Amber is getting so big now and of course Connor absolutely loved her to bits:

I had my hair done this morning & wow I love it. It's getting nice and long now, so hoping the split ends will just stay away. I was going to post a pic of it, but thought it would be way too vain, so I guess you will have to see in the birthday pics I take this weekend ;)

Here's one of my cutie showing just how to eat a chicken drumstick (whilst watching tv of course)

I chatted to mum last night & got her secret scone recipe. So I (yes me) am going to attempt to make them on Friday. For those that don't know, I am a disaster in the kitchen! But I decided last year that I will try and bake something for every birthday that Connor has & this year the decision was made to make scones. Hold fingers that I get it right he he he. Mum & Jakes will be coming out at the end of this year & we can't wait to see them! Connor even chatted with 'gran' on the phone & told her all about his party he's going to have - too precious.

TTC side: Took the clomid from cd 3-7 again this month. Will poaopk from cd13-16 and hoping I will show around cd15 as ovulation again :) Not too sure if I should poaopk from cd12 though as I saw my surge on cd14 last cycle?!?! hmmmm will think about it!

Ok let me get going, will try update more frequently



Yes i know i am slack, but hey i have been pretty busy!
My birthday was so much fun and the dinner was even better! Sushi & prawns, can it get any better? We went to our local pub after dinner and the wheels really fell off he he he. We ended up getting home after 4am and yeah felt like hell the following day. It was good fun though & I think letting the hair down once a year isn't that bad???

Here's some of the pics from the dinner:
Me and my dearly beloved:

My sister in laws (Karlien and Ivette)

And the Debbo's (Ant & Kate)

So the 33rd birthday has come and gone & the recovery is now complete - lets hope we have a good year ahead!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thirty Third Birthday

Yes I know I look younger than 33, but thought i would be honest with the age & surprise you all!
I had a well ummmm interesting year last year! I can't say it was bad in any way, but hoping this year will be a smidgen better :)
My thirty third year started off really well, I got spoiled with coffee in bed with my two favourite guys! Then i was given the most beautiful white gold necklace with a tanzanite pendant - stunning! Thanks so much babe, I love it ;)
What i am hoping to happen in this year:
* I hope my massage classes take off and that I have so many clients, I don't know what to do with myself
* I am really hoping for a bbfp (beautiful big fat positive pregnancy test)
* I am hoping i see my family grow - yes that means you Carys and Thom
* I know my friend will give me a delayed present in Sept ;)
* I hope my hubby continues to strive in his business
* I am hoping to see a bit more of my family!
* I am hoping Connor's transition to school is easy - yeah i know wishful thinking.....
Well my list could go on and on, but to stop myself being sentimental, i will stop here!

I am going to get ready now for our dinner tonight. We are going to our favourite local restaurant called Zanzibar. I will update with pics soon

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone - it's well appreciated.


Weekend and af update

Well like i mentioned previously, our weekend was spent alone! But it was awesome spending my time with such an angel child!
Friday night was pretty boring. We watched a bit of tv and then hit the sacks! Saturday we got up and went to Inanda road and after getting hopelessly lost, we found the party theme factory shop and went and got connor's stuff for his party. Obviously they didn't have ANYTHING resembling a motorbike, so we went with the next best thing. It's bright colours with aeroplanes, boats, trrains and a flying saucer on! I can't believe that I can't find anything with a bike theme, not even stickers or anything! Oh well.
Then we went and picked up Donna and little Kiara and we took the kids to the movies! Unfortunately though, Ice Age was sold out, so we ended up taking them to see Night at the Museum 2 - and they both thoroughly enjoyed it! It was the first time Connor has been to the movies and I was surprised at how well behaved he was! I then went and got us some take outs and we headed home.
Sunday Frank came home and we all went to the circus! Wow it was good fun except when i put connor on a pony for a ride. The guy who put him on the horse 'yanked' him away from me so quickly, that i think Mr. C got a bit of a fright & screamed his lungs out!!! We all went home and had an early night!!

Monday morning my lovely friend af showed her face! I was actually happy that she arrived as I was starting to worry that i was in for another long cycle! Luckily, my cycle was 31 days, which is perfect! Something i found quite interesting was before i had Connor, my lp (luteal phase - the days after ovulation) was 16 days, it looks like we heading down that route too - which is perfect!!!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Yup that's what i woke up to this morning, another bfn! I would say I am not too bothered, but honestly, I was hoping for a first cycle bfp ha ha ha. Yes I know it's alot to ask for, but hey a girl can dream right? Seeing as though today is 14dpo, I can only presume that af will arrive over the weekend. I have a feeling that Frank is slightly more bummed than me, but hey at least we get to practice again right???? ;) The strange thing is, i have all the ips (imaginery pregnancy symptoms) possible - guess it's from the clomid?

I have just completed Connor's birthday invitation - what a mission! Do you think i could find any program that has motorbikes on? So ja i just had to 'make do':

So I have been left to my own devices this weekend as Frank decided on the last minute that he's going fishing in the Transkei. Now under normal circumstances, i would be pretty peed off, but he's done so well with his sales that i think he deserves the break! Hope he catches lots!
As for Connor and I well......................... McDonalds for sure tonight (sorry baby ;)) tomorrow we will go looking for his birthday goodies during the day, then will be watching Ice Age 3 tomorrow night. This will be his first time at the movies yippee.......... hope he behaves he he he
Sunday I am hoping to go to the circus, but will go and check out the tickets and show times first!
So with that - have an awesome weekend.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Just a little update on the going's on in the Franken homestead.
I would like to start by saying Congrats to my dear hubby, he has had his best month of sales this month!!! Well done baby!
I on the other hand am getting rather dispondent about the lack of response for my massage classes! I seriously thought i would have had a better response, but hey i guess i should keep the head up and just persevere!
Connor's doing very well and is getting yet another tooth - so yup sleepless nights once again, but hope it passes quickly. I am in the process of arranging his second birthday party on the 18th July. Well his birthday is the 17th, but the 18th is the Saturday, so makes more sense! The most exciting news about this is Carys and Shaun have decided to come down for the weekend! Yippee i am so glad Connor's auntie and uncle will be here for the bid day!
I can't beleive that it's nearly two years ago since i had him, it honestly seems like just yesterday and yes he is still my baby!
TTCwise, i am on cd 27 today. Feeling very afish. I woke up with a headache that seems to have passed now & have rather tender bbs. Now don't get excited by these symptoms, as remember I took Clomid this month & it gives the same side effects. Personally i think af will be here by Friday or Saturday. Yup i wish i was one of the lucky ones who falls pg in the first month, but some how i don't think i am that lucky he he he. The good part is it looks like a relatively 'normal' cycle! Will keep you posted!

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