Monday, November 16, 2009


Well I guess a lil update would be nice??
We are into our 9th month now of ttc, and honestly, i am getting tired of it! I am sort of making peace with having only one child & you know what, it's not that bad!
I know it's very negative thinking, but i guess the ttc gets to you after a while. I have dreamed of having a little girl for so long, and I just wish it would happen already!
Ok enough of the soppy stuff. I am not on Clomid any more & decided to do a cycle of soy. We fell pg with Connor on Soy, so lets hope it does the trick this time around.
If nothing, we will be giving it a break until next year!

Shame yesterday my little prince slammed his finger in the car door. It was so so sore & got an instant red bruise which i have never seen before.

We also had a test drive in Frank's new car (which he's getting this Thurs) and I must say, it's very comfortable for a bakkie! I will put some pics up as soon as I get some :)

I haven't posted any pics recently of my little man, so here's a few i thought i would share :

Just being cute:

Sorting through his clothes to find a Ben10 shirt:
At the bird sanctuary:

Exhausted after a play date with Mia:


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