Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tues 28th

Things changed a bit with regards to my natural route of things mentioned on Friday.  The gynae phoned and suggested that i start on Provera (which is basically progesterone) as soon as possible to sort my hormones out.  It will basically balance out my hormone balance and then I should **hopefully** be able to proceed with the baby making as soon as my next cycle.  So I started on the meds on Saturday and will be taking them for 10 days.  There after i should have af 3-7 days after the last pill and HOPEFULLY two weeks later we will head towards the big o again!
We had an awesome weekend spent with lots of shopping, playing and chatting with the in laws!
On Saturday morning I got a huge fright!  Connor fell off our bed and fell straight onto his forehead!  His head had a HUGE bump, the size of a golf ball and i was so worried!  He of course got over it quite quickly, but I think he had a huge headache!  (Will put a pic up as soon as possible).
After the 'accident', Isabel, Chrizel and I took Connor to the pavillion and he got very spoiled with me buying him quite a bit of winter clothing :)  There was a huge thunder storm on the way home and it came as a huge surprise because when we arrived at the mall, the sun was shining & it was actually quite warm!
Frank got back on Sunday and said he had a really great time camping at the mmc2009!  It's great to have him back at home though, and Connor of course was ecstatic!
Yesterday Frank's friend Gareth came round for a braai with his daughter.  It was a lovely day and luckily the weather held up nicely!
I just realised today that i will be leaving in a weeks time for Jhb!!!  Yes it came as a shock because i would have sworn that i had over 2 wks to go before i fly off!  Oh well, i am very excited and really hope it's an awesome course.
I am feeling extremely nauseas and tired from these meds today, so will say cheerio for now so i can go get some rest :)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yeah well i couldn't go without adding a bit of exciting news to start the weekend with:)
I just booked for my baby massage course in May!  I will be leaving on the 6th and flying back on the 10th May!  I will be learning the method of Infant Massage through a company that is internationally recognised.  I am soooo excited for it and nervous at the same time LOL!
Honestly i am more nervous about leaving my baby/s for so long!  I have never and i repeat, never left Connor for this long!  I actually get teary eyed about it because i think he will be cross with me and not be as close to me once i am back!  Yes i know this looks crazy in writing, but in real life, it's a huge reality to me!  In the back of my mind i know he'll be ok and will forget about my absence very quickly, but it is still upsetting (yes i am a paranoid mom)!
I know my dear hubby will also be taking a bit of strain with bed time etc, but I have faith that you will sort it out well!

Ok so obviously (how ironic) this course had to start the same day as the big o for me, so I guess now more than ever, this cycle will purely be to check if we can get the body funtioning properly!

Right so seriously now

Talk about dissappointment.......

What a way to start the day!
I got up this morning to find Aunt Flo popped her ugly head in for a visit again!!  Soooo what does that mean for me?  Well for starters, i didn't ovulate last cycle and secondly, my cycle was only 15 days long!  So now the serious guns need to be pulled out.  The options are a) get clomid script from doc.  This is an ok idea as it should regulate my cycle, BUT Clomid increases the chances of ovarian cysts.  With my history of cysts, perhaps this isn't a great idea to do just yet?
b) do the natural supplement route for this cycle and see if I can get my body to work properly this way?  Yes as you can tell, i love to self diagnose and treat my symptoms he he he.
So the decision is, au naturale!!!  Yup will give some natural supplements a chance this cycle and then take it from there.  Hold fingers people!!
As for the weekend, not much planned really.  I will definately be taking Connor to the pav tomorrow as we need to get him some winter clothes!  I can't believe that my "baby" will now be going into size 24-36 months clothes!  **Shock**  It feels like just yesterday that he was wearing 0 - 3 months!  
Much to Frank's disgust we will be having McDonalds tonight too!  (he he Frank's convinced it gives you brain tumours).
I am in the process of looking for flights to Jhb as we speak, as i am going to do a baby massage course there next month!  

So here's to a good weekend>>>>

Catch up next week ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thurs.............day & Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage babe!!!  Hope you have an awesome weekend with your dad.  Frank left today to join his dad at the 'mighty men congress'!  I will miss him, but luckily have a special little dude staying with me to keep me company ;)
I caught up with Candy this morning (she moved to aust with her family) and seems all is going ok!  We miss you guys and wish you could just come back already!!  Also found out a certain friend has a bun in the oven!  Official congrats will be sent out after the doc appt, as requested!  Anyways, i am super happy for them & wish them a happy healthy 9 months ahead!

TTC:  CD15 today.  No sign of o really besides some stained cm!  Hoping this is a good sign as I really feel lost with the cycle monitoring at the moment!!

Ok bye for now XX

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Well what a waste of time.........................
I went for the interview where they informed that the working hours are from 7:30 - 5 and that i would have to work every alternate public holiday!  All this to earn.........................................................................................................................

Wait for it, you going to be jealous.....................................................................

R3000 - R4000 per month!!! **shock, horror**  Needless to say, i told them no thanks & left!
Oh well on the positive side, at least I went!
Another bit of bad news today, Frank smashed his car!  I am not too sure how bad it is, but he says it's pretty awful!  Luckily he's fine though!  So now we have to get that sorted out & Frank is wondering if he'll make it with his dad this weekend!

Cals (Carys) I am sorry about your huge disappointment this morning, but hang in there, it will all work out soon! 

It's pretty cold here today and I can feel the winter is just around the corner now!
Good luck to everyone who's voting tomorrow, lets hope it goes smoothly!

TTC news, well no news really!  Today is cd13 for me!  I am not exactly sure when i am going to have the big o day, but hoping it's rather sooner than later!  My last cycle consisted of 49 days, which i have never had before, so one can only guess what this cycle will be like!  Once i actually figure out these cycles of mine again, we will have a better understanding of where and when to go!

And with that, we will chat on Thursday again :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday update.........

Hmmm some interesting news, i am going for an interview tomorrow at a company literally just round the corner from our house!!!  I am not sure as to what they are offering, but i will keep you posted.  The interview is at 12:45!

Weekend and Monday updates...........

Well the weekend has come and gone once again and time for an update from me!
Friday afternoon, I had some fun with Connor and managed to capture some moments on camera.  Yes i love taking pics & I sometimes wonder if Connor thinks the camera is part of my face he he
In these pics he's copying his kitten under the plant & just generally being cute:

Friday evening my mother and father in law (Isabel and Chris) looked after Connor for us whilst we went to Frank's prize giving!  The prize giving was good and Frank ended up winning two "trophies", one for the biggest Dorado caught and another for the most improved angler!  Well done babe, I am very proud of you.  Here's the pics of the trophies he received:

We went to friends afterwards to say howdi and ended getting home just after 1am.
Connor was apparently an angel again (what do you expect with parents like us he he) and gave his grandparents no troubles at all.

Saturday we were all very tired and ended up having a mid morning nap until 1pm.  Then we packed our stuff and headed down to the beach.  Wow it's such an awesome time spent on the beach and so relaxing (except for Connor running hay wire at least).  Then Sunday was spent once again on the beach!
All in all a pretty non productive weekend, but good times spent together.
My Wisdom tooth is still giving me hell though, and I am dreading the fact that i may have to go visit the dentist.  For those of you that don't know me that well, i have a terrible fear of dentists, i would rather shoot my big toe off before visiting one!!!  So will see what the next 24hrs brings before making the appt Lol!
Speaking of appointments, Connor's next surgery has been booked for the 14th May 2009.  He will be having another hypospadias repair done, but this time not as huge a op as the first one luckily!  I am of course dreading it already, but it's something that needs to be done to avoid ridicule in the future!  We are hoping that this will be the last of the surgeries!  So please keep us in your thoughts and prayers on that day!  But i will obviously remind you closer to the time!
And with that, that's all for now.  

Friday, April 17, 2009


Well the weekend is upon us babbeee!!
It's time to sit back, relax and enjoy all the the weekend brings. For me it's bringing terrible wisdom tooth ache which isn't too great, but I won't let that get in the way of having a great one!
We are having Frank's fishing prize giving tonight and Mr. C (One of Connor's many nicknames) will be staying with Ouma and Oupa tonight! He stayed with them on Wed evening too whilst we went out for dinner, and he behaved himself relatively well - lets hope he does the same tonight! Secretly Ouma and Oupa enjoy the baby sitting ;)

So with that, you must have a fantastic weekend & we will see you next week.


My introduction......

Well this is the start of my blogging days, how exciting!  You will have to bear with me here, as i actually have no idea where to begin with this!
I guess the beginning is to tell you a bit about myself.....................
My name is Nicki Franken and I am a thirty two year old woman.  I am currently a stay at home mom (I have a few interests on the side, but will share them later) as i lost my job in September last year.  We moved to Amanzimtoti three years ago, and i must admit, this relaxed way of life has definately grown on me :)
My son who's a real sweet heart will be turning two in July! My how time has flown, it feels like just yesterday that i was holding this new little baby in my arms, and now he's a big boy!  Well he's still my baby LOL.  He's a real beach boy, with blonde hair and blue eyes, will try upload some pics as soon as i figure out how!

I am married to a wonderful man named Jaco (my nickname for him is Frank as that's how we were introduced years ago).  We celebrated our third wedding anniversary on Wed 15th April, and I am more in love today than i could ever have imagined. (Sorry pretty sloppy i know he he ) Yes we have our ups and downs, but thats pretty normal right?????  We got married in Zanzibar & I couldn't even dream of a more romantic and perfect setting to begin your lives together!

Anyways, we decided on our anniversary that we were going to try for our second child now.  The time seems right with me not working etc, and with me not gettting any younger neither lol.  I have a few ttc (trying to conceive) plans up my sleeve, but for now will be taking it easy.

I am a sister to two wonderful sisters, Carys and Michelle, as well as sister to two wonderful brothers, Thom and Jakon.  The 'boys' stay in the uk, and the 'girls' stay in Jhb.  I am the second eldest, Michelle being the eldest, then me, Thom, Carys and lastly Jakon!  I used to wonder if my mum was crazy to have 5 kids, but i have since realised, it's so nice to come from such a large family and if we could afford it, would probably do the same!
Speaking of mum, she stays in the Isle of Man with Jakon for now.  We're all secretly hoping they'll come back soon, but they'll know when the time is right. ;)
Wow this is easier than i thought.............................

I am an aunt to three very special little boys (Michelle's children) Luke, Cole and Rhys.  I don't get to see too much of them as they stay in Jhb, but when we do, it's good fun having all four little boys running around.....

I have four furry pets, two dogs and two cats.  I will get round to posting more about them soon.
The reason for me starting this blog is to keep a "journal/diary" of our second ttc journey.  As well as to share the every day occurances with you!!

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