Thursday, June 10, 2010


I can't believe i nearly forgot to share these pics with you all!

A few weeks back, Frank decided to take Connor on his first paddling experience. Connor was of course beyond excited about it. We took him to the lagoon here in Toti and the boys had an absolute blast. Frank reckons Connor's 'a natural' at paddling and Connor can't wait to go again.

Just look at these pics:

Good fun!!!

30 Wks and growing......

This week marks the thirtieth week of pregnancy! Wow i have grown big time as you can see in the pics below.
I am feeling relatively good except for the ongoing tiredness! To be honest I am battling a bit to entertain Connor as I feel I just don't have the energy, but try my best none the less.
So this means only 8 more weeks to go! I am excited to meet the new addition, but wonder how I will cope with my two boys once he arrives. I guess it's normal to feel like this and I guess you just make it work - well I sure hope so anyways.
I have a doc appointment next week, so will keep you posted on our progress.


Friday, May 21, 2010

27 Wks Update

All went very well with our appointment yesterday.

Little dude is weighing in at 940grms :D :D He was very busy and all his measurements were excellent! We saw his little chest cavity moving up and down which shows he is practising breathing for when he's born - too cute man!

They detected a bit of blood in my urine so will be sending it away for analysis. Doc says it could be a bladder infection but because I had the fever the day before he felt I had to go on an anti biotic (yes again :roll: ) to clear up anything until we get the urine results back. Luckily it's not too serious & I am sort of happy to be back on the anti biotic as my chest is starting up again!

Otherwise a great appointment.

And here's my 26wks pics:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Connor's first catch

The day had to eventually come & our big boy eventually caught his own fish! He was so proud that he demanded pics and wanted to carry the poor thing around a bit! Yes it's only a rock fish but it's still his first catch!

Well done my boy, we are very very proud of you :)



Well we are at 25 weeks today & growing very very rapidly! So rapidly that I have decided that only healthy fruit etc is going to pass these lips from today onwards!
Here's some pics taken yesterday:
(Had to take it in mirror as Frank's not here)

And Connor took this well 'interesting' picture from the bottom!!

Connor with his baby in belly :)

Last week I had my sister come and visit with her three boys! Wow what a handful that was, 4 boys to entertain every day, but it was awesome and am already missing them all! Connor had an absolute blast with his cousins & I actually just kept him off school for the week to play with them. Our days were mostly spent on the beach, but also had shopping etc to do!

Here's some of the pics:


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fishing fishing fishing

We had Frank's club competition over the weekend & I am pleased to announce that he came second in the comp, which wins us a trip to Mozambique! Although it will only be once baby is born (because of malaria) I am so excited as it's somewhere I have always wanted to see!!!

Connor of course loved every minute of it and jumped in on the action of taking pics! Secretly he thinks all the prizes and fish caught are for him - sweeti pie.

Here's some of the pics:

23 Wks

Well i am excited to say we had our gynae appointment today at 23.4 wks!
It was so awesome as we got to see little dude opening and closing his mouth (drinking amniotic fluid) and even saw a glimpse of his little tongue! So precious!! He is weighing around 670 grams now & seems to have long legs :)

The funniest thing is he is lying in there with his little ankles crossed which is something Connor did and still does when he sleeps. And of course it goes without saying that Frank does the same thing when he's sleeping!!

I have put on a whopping 5kg since my last visit, which came as a bit of a shock (until I remembered all the creme easter eggs i have been eating) but figure there's no good stressing about it now, will have to just gym extra hard once our little bundle arrives.

I am going for my 4d scan on the 3rd of June which I can't wait for & our next gynae appointment is on the 20th May!

Here's some of the latest hippo pics:

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