Thursday, December 10, 2009

I got it!!!

I am so so so happy and no words can really explain how I am feeling right now, but I got my bfp yesterday!!!
So I got my blood confirmation this morning, my count is 3104, which puts me in the 5-6wks time. I don't know how that's possible as I calculate to be around the 4 wks mark, but I am just so happy all is fine! My symptoms are sore boobs, cramping & sore lower back! Just to prove it, here's my tests!!:


  1. Congratulations! Now, may all your - other - dreams come true too!


  2. YIPPEE YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Nicki!!!! :-) So, if I followed correctly this was a Soy cycle??? What mg were you on and on what CD?? Anything else, besids the Conceive Plus Marcelle shared??? :-)

  3. Yip it was another soy cycle. I took 200mg from cd3-9! The conceive plus definately helped as well! Thanks once again!


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