Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Home sweet home

We are home sweet home again!
We had an awesome time in Johannesburg but just regret at how quickly the time flies by!
It was so nice spending time with my sisters, but I think Connor had the best time with his cousins! It was none stop play from the minute they all woke up!
Connor has become the #1 fan of 'Ben 10'! It was so sweet to watch him in the mornings, he'd get up and run to Cole's cupboard and cry until someone put a Ben 10 shirt on him!
Oh how they pick these things up from their cuzzies! I have also been renamed to 'nicki' now and not mommy any more!
Here's a pic of the hat I had to put on (with Ben 10 on) to get him to fall back to sleep again at 11pm!
One of Connor at the airport, ready to come home, kitted in Ben 10 from the head down!

I managed to get together with Taryn and her family on the Saturday, as well as to see a couple of our mutual friends too! Connor once again had a blast there, running around with all the other kids!
Oh Taryn cut Connor's hair for me too, it's in the "Maddox" style now (almost mohican). I am sure in later years Connor will wonder just what the hell i was thinking, but for now it's adorable :)

Connor's joyous face as he descends the slide:

The weather was a bit colder than here at the coast, but not unbearable.

The boys played quite a bit of soccer whilst we were there & it's too sweet to see them all running around in their 'kits':

And just a few of the cuzzies:

Will update ttc side shortly!



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