Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Well i am very excited to share this bit of news with you. I got a phone call yesterday from one of the creche's that I put Connor's name down on the waiting list & she told me she has a place for him!!! So we went to go & have a look & I must just say, i LOVE it! There is a nice warm, open atmosphere about the place & the people are very friendly. There's loads of things for the kiddies to do & they all look very happy to be there!
Connor ran off with some of the kids & actually cried when i told him it's time to go. He said it's 'his kool' & cried all the way to the car.
I am so happy he got in there & I think he's going to love it. Oh and best of all, they have LOADS of extra murals for the kids for next year, so I can get him started with swimming & gymnastics too!


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