Monday, October 26, 2009

Congrats & stuff

So it give me great pleasure to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS to my younger sister Carys and her hubby Shaun! I got a phone call on Friday morning asking if hpt's are sensitive (bless her) and I of course just screamed Yippee!! I am so happy for them as they've been trying for a while now & I know how much it sucks when you want something so badly! Wow, I wish you guys a wonderful healthy and happy nine months :)

So I went to the gynae on Friday for another check up too. He basically told me that he's not a fertility specialist, and if i want to see one then i must rather go to the fertility clinic. That sounds harsh & he didn't really say it like that, but you get what i mean.
He said i had either a cyst or a follie on the right hand side. Now this made me sad as i thought i had already ovulated from the left hand side. I am not sure if there'd be visible evidence if i did! He said everything looked fine, so whether that means my uterus lining is also fine I don't know. (yip i know, stupid not to ask AGAIN). So basically the appt was a waste of time. I left there not knowing if I have ovulated, or if I am going to. The other thing is doc said i must give my body a break from the clomid now :( That also upset me as I don't think I will ovulate on my own any more. I may just go the soy route until the end of the year, then take things further in the new year.

On Saturday I dropped Connor off at his Ouma & Oupa's house as I was going to a stork party and shame he fell asleep on Ouma and slept the whole time I was away!

On another note, I am taking some meat to Pick n Pay today hehehe Nope not because i cook so well, but actually because I bought some meat from them yesterday & when I got home I cooked it. When i opened it I smelt it and thought it was suspicious, but cooked it as it had a basting on which i just presumed was what i was smelling. Once it was cooked, I had one taste & realised that I was right - it was off!!!!! Nasty. Now I am taking it in a bag back to them & will be demanding a refund. I mean how the hell can they sell meat that's off?? Wish me luck ha ha ha


Will post again soon



  1. Congrats to your sis!

    Bummer that your Dr seems completely knowledgeless... I say go to a fertility clinic and get those answers!!!!

    Did you get that refund you were demanding on the foul meat???? EWWW!!!!

  2. Yeah decided to go to the fertility clinic next year, will do soy until then ;)

    Yip and I got a full refund on the meat after 'giving it back to to them"!


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