Monday, January 25, 2010

Friday 22nd Jan school day

Wow what a difference a few days make! Connor was taken to school by his daddy on Friday & was full of smiles (ok yes i admit i reminded him that it was tuck shop too). He even gelled & blow dried his own hair so that he could go to school with 'spikes' in his hair!

Connor also started swimming last week. He goes every tuesday and Thursday and of course he loves it! It's a nice break from school too i guess :

Connor's first day at school

Well it went pretty much as expected. Connor was fine the whole way to school, but once we got there, the wheels started to fall off :( It was heartbreaking having to leave my baby there & I had to fight the urge to either start crying my eyes out, or scoop him up and dash for the door! He was very upset, but according to the teacher, he soon settled in. Day three was by far the worst by means of the thoughts of going to school. What I mean is Connor started crying from waking up in the morning, but by the time he was at school he was fine again. Of course the fact that it was 'tuck shop friday' helped alot & when I went to pick him up there was a huge grin on his face. Too sweet.

Here's some pics taken on the first day:


9 wks check up

Ok I am terrible at updating my blog, but just wanted to let you all know that my 9 wks check up (two weeks ago) went really well. The baby measured spot on nine weeks and the due date was exactly what I had calculated (16th August 2010) too.
I was amazed to see the difference that one week can make in the development of the baby. When I was pregnant with Connor, our first check up was at 8 wks and then he was still a bean. Yip just a blog the shape of a bean. This baby had arms and legs already & was busy moving around, it was amazing to see! Frank couldn't make it due to work, but my mother in law came with me & she was so happy to be able to see her next grandchild moving around! Here's our baby's first pic:

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back to the land of the living!!!

I know it's been absolutely ages since i updated my blog, so thought i better do something about that today!
We have just about recovered from a very busy yet fun festive season! Connor and I were in Jhb for a week where Frank joined us on Christmas eve. We stayed at Michelle and Ryan's place and of course the four boys had an absolute blast playing together! We then headed home (family in tow) on the 27th. Cals, Shaun, Jakes, mum and Lea all came to stay with us and it was awesome having them all here. We kept busy every day doing different things, but I will do seperate posts about that. They all headed home on the 6th Jan and we were left feeling like we'd gone deaf he he.

We have a very big day ahead of us tomorrow which if I have to be honest, I am dreading. Firstly my baby boy is going to school for the first time tomorrow. I have tried to prepare him as much as possible for it, but I think it may be me that takes it the hardest! Once we've settled Connor in at school, we are heading to the gynae for our first appointment. I am approximately 9 wks this week, so just hoping that all will be ok on the scan. I am so so nervous but I guess it's pretty normal.
Anyways, that's all for now - check in soon for an update.


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