Monday, June 29, 2009

Progesterone Test....

I had my progesterone test done last Thursday and man what a nightmare!!!

Nurse drew the blood & told me she can't give me the results, they will get sent to my doc where he will then call me.
Only problem is my doc is on leave.... So i went to my doc's rooms & spoke to his partner's receptionist (who by the way is a real b8tch - sorry if anyone knows her personally), she said she can't give me the results & phoned my doc's partner. He then said that the only way he'll give me the results is if i make an appt with him! Mad Mad
So i went back to the lab & told them there's no way i am making an appt just to get results & asked them if i can PLEEZ phone them for the results. They said nope, it's illegal.
Needless to say, I left there fuming & upset. I was also panicking because my doc only gave me a script for one month clomid, that means if af arrives next week, he wouldn't be here to give me another script as he's only back on the 8th.
So, called my doc's receptionist who sorted everything out for me he he he, it's good to have contacts Wink She phoned the other receptionist & told her to give me the results once they are there.
I got a phone call from a very irritated receptionist Friday morning to tell me that my prog results were 51.2 & I definately did ovulate Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Oh and as for the clomid, my doc's receptionist said i can go get a repeat from the chemist & tell them that the doc will fill the script once he's back!
Damn i love that woman!



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Computer update

Well i just got my computer back. It's hard drive crashed & I basically lost everything :( I am so super bummed about it, but on the positive side, at least i have now learned a lesson:
Back up everything!!!
I have yet still to plug the thing in, but to be honest, i am too peed off to do it right now he he he. I will plug it in later & see how it goes.

Frank was in Jhb last night, and will be back tonight. I can't wait, one night alone sux!
I had to take the Audi in for a service this morning, so just waiting on them calling me to pick it up again.
i have a few more pics of Mr. C to share with you too:

The best way to eat meat - with dad's filthy pliers of course:

Just too precious - loving his rugby ball:

And i had to just share that my kittie's now actually sleep next to each other. Not that Cody accepts the kitten yet, but hey we getting there slowly but surely ;)

TTC side: had a bit of cramping this morning. On my chart, it shows that i am officially 5dpo today, that is of course if i ovulated. I will be going for my blood tests tomorrow & will keep you posted!

Enjoy your evening. And my friend (you know who u are) I am thinking of you XXX


Monday, June 22, 2009

He he he

Ok before you all think i am a super bad mom, obviously i didn't get my little babbaloo tattoed, but he did come with me whilst i got mine fixed, and just thought i would pull your leg!
Here's some more pics of the tattoo venture:

And the finished product:

It was really great because the england rugby team, as well as the springboks were staying at the Beverley Hills hotel in Umhlanga, which was opposite the tattoo shop. So we got to see all the players of both teams - huge excitement!
Friday was pretty quiet, we just watched some dvd's. We got Yes man, and the reading. While i thoroughly enjoyed both flicks, Frank was not tooo keen on The reading.
Saturday after the tattoo, we had Roly (Roland) over for a braai, and to watch the rugga.
Then Sunday was fathers day. Frank got spoiled with breakfast in bed (which Roly also took part in) and then we headed off to see what fish' the guys all caught. There's huge excitement at the moment as it looks like the sardine run should hit us some time this week, so obviously the guys are catching big fish! After the fish viewing, we made our way to the pavillion where Frank got some shirts & a pair of pants for fathers day! We then dropped Roly off and headed to my in laws. We bought Chris (Frank's dad) a cooler box for fathers day, and i must say, he looked very chuffed.
Finally at around 5:30pm, we headed home where we did the usual routine thing of feeding the zoo, then the kid, then bath time, bottle time and bed time.

On the ttc front, we managed to 'cover' Friday, but the rest of the weekend we were too tired! Aai jai jai, yes we are getting too old. Friday's opk was lighter than on Thursday, so i didn't bother to test again. Hold fingers for a 'normal' cycle for me.


Connor's first tattoo

On Saturday we took Connor for his first tattoo. Yes i know he's young, but he handled it really well ;)

Friday, June 19, 2009

+OPK :)

I know it sounds crazy, but i was so excited last night about seeing a possible positive opk (ovulation predictor kit) that i just had to share it with you. For those that don't know how they work, opk's usually always have two lines on them. However, when you are about to ovulate, the second line is as dark as the control line. You can see in my pictures below that i started testing from monday (cycle day 11) and last night i got the darkest line yet. I am super stoked that it looks like my body is working with the clomid & i dare to think that this cycle may just be 'normal'.

I will carry on with the opk's until the line goes lighter again, so will post again next week.

Oh a bit of exciting news before i go, i will be going to fix the tattoo on my ankle tomorrow with Mully! I can't wait & there is a small chance that both Frank and I will be getting new tats too!!
Watch this space.

Have an awesome weekend.


19th June

Well like i mentioned in the previous post, i have been pretty slack with updating my blog, so thought i would do a quick update now.

All's been going well with us on the home front. I have been kept busy with organising my baby massage classes which by the way have been going very well! I was nervous as hell for the first class, but once i got going, it was smoothe sailing!
We went to Mtwalume over the weekend for a fishing competition and it was as beautiful as ever. I took a couple of pics of Connor on the beach near the tidal pool, and you can see the guys fishing in the background:

The fishing was pretty slow with some smaller fish coming out this time. Frank managed to catch 3 snoek and here's a picture of him with his little fishing partner ;)

Here's a nice pic of the guys fishing:

Please excuse my face he he he, but here's a pic of me with my 'babbaloo'. I pulled a funny face to try make him laugh!

Then these are just some pics of Connor - man he's just so cute!


Surgeon check up

I know it's been ages since i have updated my blog, but i have been kept pretty busy over the past few weeks! Also, my computer bombed on Wednesday, so i am officially computerless! Luckily my dear understanding hubby lets me occasionally use his pc, as long as i understand that if something goes wrong with his computer, IT WILL be my fault he he he.

Anyways, just to update on the doctor visit from the 9th June. Well doc did a thorough exam and seems very happy with the results. He said there is actually no fistula, but his urethra opening is a bit further down instead of on the tip. The meatus (this is the opening which is a slit instead of a hole) seems to be back again, but this time doc says we must not fix it. Apparently he went to a conference with doctors from overseas & the general idea is that they now leave a mega meatus alone. The reason being that as the penis grows with time, the meatus moves up to the tip of the penis & will generally look normal! Had we known this prior to his last op, we wouldn't have operated! BUT we did get the opening closer to the tip with the last surgery, so i am not too upset at having it done.
So the general outcome is: Connor can stand & pee like a 'normal' boy. He will be able to ejaculate and maintain a normal erection so therefore NO MORE SURERY! Yippeeee..........
I was so relieved to hear this & doc is very happy too!

Monday, June 8, 2009

First weekend of June

I am going to back track a bit to Thursday!
Frank left at the crack of dawn to go to jhb on business.  We got up at the usual time and pottered around.
I called about getting my ankle tat fixed up, but think it will have to wait until next week as i can't go there with Connor.
"Ouma" then came to pick us up and take us to the airport where we then picked up Frank's car and went home.
Thursday evening went without any problems and i was in bed by 10pm.
Friday was ok.  I was awoken by the glorious arrival of af, right on schedule as my doc appt was today!  I will update below ** Connor hasn't really been sleeping very well due to a mixture of problems.  First being he is still full of the flu, and secondly he's still teething.  Hopefully he'll get back in to the swing of things and sleep through again.  I went and got Connor some more meds today in the hopes of actually getting some sleep tonight.   Frank called me and told me he won the independent contractor of the year award!!!  Well done babe, i am super proud of you!!!
Saturday we went to Mia's first birthday party.  It was really sweet, but of course i forgot to take some pics again.  We got home around 5pm and started the routine of feed, bath and bed.  
I got into bed around 9pm, but once again we didn't get much rest :(
Sunday we went through to the pavillion (as i had promised Connor a fish and a bowl) and i got some................ well actually it's a secret for now he he he.  I unfortunately couldn't get the fish nor the bowl, but will search again later.
We picked Frank up around 1pm and Connor was like his shadow for the rest of the day!
I took Connor to the nursery around 4pm (So Frank could sleep a bit) and got him a little fish and bowl.  It's too cute & he loves it!  Except of course, he tries to climb in the bowl to swim with the fish LOL!!!

** Ok ttc side:  Like mentioned above, i had a doc appt on Friday to see what was happening.  Of course in typical af behaviour, she arrived in the morning.  I still went to see the doc and he said i should definately start on the Clomid again to regulate my body.  So our poa for this cycle is to take the clomid cd3-7 and then a prog test on cd21 to tell if i did in fact ovulate or not!  Yay it feels good knowing i have a plan, hopefully the body will just co-operate now!

JHB trip

Sorry, i know i have been super bad at updating but will try my best now:
Jhb was awesome.  We had such a good time seeing everyone & Connor loved playing with his Nephews!  
On Friday (29th) Michelle treated me to a massage & boy oh boy was it awesome!  I think it goes down as one of the best massages i have ever had!
Saturday we went to Taryn & Vern's place for Reilly's birthday party!  Connor had a blast playing with all the kids & didn't even have a nap during the day!  It was so nice to see all the 'old' friends again!
Saturday night Michelle, Carys & I went to watch Tap dogs at Monte Casino!  What a fantastic event - I would definately recommend it!  Connor stayed at Michelle's place with the boys and Poppy.
Sunday we went and watched the boys play Soccer in the morning and then Carys, Connor and I went through to Irene Dairy Farm to meet with the girls from mommy!  It was so nice putting faces to all the names & we had a really good time!  Of course the highlight was meeting Marcelle, whom i have known for the past three years, but only met now!  Here's a pic of us with our little ones! :

Monday morning Mich and I took the little ones for breakfast and then fetched the 'big boys' from school.  We then all spent the day outside where Connor learned to go down the slide head first - boys will be boys???

The flight home was good, I forgot to ask for a window seat but fortunately no one came to sit there, so Connor could look out the window.  He loved the take off, but fell asleep shortly after that.  So of course when he woke up when we had just landed, the tears broke out because he wanted to be 'up' again LOL!  

Frank was waiting in the airport for us and it was so nice to see him!  Connor of course was very happy and gave daddy loves all the way to the car!

So that was our jhb trip - short, yet really really nice!

PS:  Sorry not many pics at our camera was on the fishing trip that Frank went on!

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