Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yip that's right, my 'baby' hasn't had a dummy since Sunday night!

Well done big boy, mommy and daddy are very proud of you. You are growing into such a gorgeous special little boy and we love you lots.



Ok so as mentioned, we will be in Johannesburg next week, so I will be mia from here.

You all behave yourselves & I will update when we get back.

Much love to all.


TTC stuff (Boys don't have to read if u don't want to)

Right so we all know that Frank is away this week right?
Well anyways, before i even thought about it properly, I decided that I am fed up of these excrutiatingly loooong cycles and decided to take the clomid from cd1 - 5 in the hopes that I would ovulate earlier and therefore shorten my cycles.
So yesterday was cd12 and I felt a bit of ovulation pain so decided to poaopk. I was amazed, got the second line nearly straight away and was bummed because I was ovulating and Frank's not here. (Yip typical woman right, my body does what i want it to do & I get upset about it he he he)
Then today (cd13) I felt some more activity in the ovaries so decided to do another opk, this is the result:

I have never had such a dark opk before. Now there is something i haven't mentioned about taking clomid cd1-5 and that is it increases the number of follicles, so the chances of a multiple pg are higher. Not that much higher, but still higher and I can't help but wonder if that is why the opk is so much darker this month (as there's more than one egg being released).
Well anyway, i think we will miss the egg this month as I am only seeing Frank tomorrow night and you normally ovulate 12-36 hrs after a positive opk.

The good side: at least we know what to expect for next month.


Slack slack slack

What more can I say, I haven't posted in nearly two weeks now!
Wish I could say it's because I have been so busy, but honestly, i am just slack he he he.

Hmmmm where do i begin?
I eventually finalised my infant massage exam and sent it in on Monday.
I am home alone this week as Frank is in Jhb, Connor and I are joining him tomorrow (Friday) and we can't wait. We are going to spend a week with the family and of course 'the boys'.

We've been experiencing gale force winds here this week, it's been really scary. So of course i let Connor sleep with me whilst Frank is away. The kitty's also hate the wind, so this is our bedroom at night time : (note both cat's in the room & Connor spread out on the bed)...

We went to watch the rugga at ouma and oupa's house over the weekend and it whilst we were there, Connor was showing off some of his musical talent:

Last weekend, we also went to the local carnival. Ummm it was pretty boring really, but Connor loved it. He went on a pony ride - which he loved (even though the pics don't show it) and loved watching the mini aeroplanes and helicopters whilst sitting on daddy's shoulders. This pic is one of my favourites at the moment:

My little rodeo :)

Just a few of some gorgeous pics of my big boy:

Well that's pretty much all the news for now. Just wanted to wish my bro and Claire 'Bon Voyage', I hope you guys have an awesome holiday and can't wait to see the pics ;)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Alone with af!!!

Well it looks like af is on her merry way! In a way i am sad that I am not pregnant, but in another way, I am glad that she's here meaning I did in fact ovulate! I am so emotional, can't stop the tears for some or other reason (I am never like this normally with af) and feeling alone :( Yip i am feeling sorry for myself.

Yes and on this glorious Friday evening, I am home alone! DH not even answering his phone!!!

Ok now that my vent is done, let me go get something to eat!! I think a whole load of chocolate is in order :)

Enjoy your weekend!!

And some more

Whilst I am on a roll:

The new Pj's:

Connor with my demonstration massage doll:

Just too gorgeous

With Dad's cap on

This is the new smile. If I ask Connor to smile for the camera, this is the result - just too precious!

Ok I think I am outta here for the weekend now!!
Hope you have a fantastic looooong weekend!

My 'baby' with his babies

Thought it was time to share some more pics of my gorgeous boy. So here's some of him with his kitty:

No, I don't let Quincy sleep with Connor, but whenever he see's Connor's door is open, he sneaks in & this is how i find him!

Another BFN

Well just when i thought my luck was in. No serious af cramps, tender bbs and occasional nausea were amongst the imaginery pregnancy symptoms.
So of course with great anticipation this morning i did a hpt - of course another bfn. I am upset as i really thought it was our chance this month! Oh well guess we need a bit more practice he he he.

So now the next question would be I wonder when exactly the witch is going to show. Today is cd33 - did I even ovulate this month aaarrrgtggghhhh...........

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The pressure is on

All the ttc addicts will know what this is all about............

The pressure to poas before af is due. Here's the run down, I gave in and poas on Saturday (cd27) as I was having loads of ips (imaginary preggy symptoms). Of course it was a bfn :(
As I of course was dissappointed in myself for giving in to my addiction of poas, I decided there and then that I would not poas again until Friday (CD33) IF af doesn't arrive.

Now of course my delightful ttc ladies are putting me under fire by demanding poas action........

Oh what to do, what to do.

I have full on af symptoms & really feel like she's about to arrive, so think i will stick it out until Friday ---------- or will I ;) ha ha ha **evil laugh**

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Big boy pants

The time has come for my 'baby' to turn into a 'big boy'. We bought some underpants for Connor over the weekend & he was super chuffed he he he.
I put them on him today for the first time and man he is so proud :) and keeps telling me he looks like daddy now!
I will try take a pic a bit later and post it here. Needless to say, we had the first accident within the first 10 mins of him wearing them, but so he must learn right?
Mom on the other hand is not so chuffed :( I can't believe that we are starting the potty training process already. Before I know it, my baby will be in high school and I will be left wondering what happened to the years passed.
Talking about school, there is still no space available for Connor to attend Umdoni creche in the last term, but he is enrolled for 2010. So it looks like Connor will still be at home with us until the end of the year - no complaints from me :) We really want him to go to this creche as it's
A) at the end of our road (literally 4 houses away from us)
B) It has a very good reputation, one of the best in Toti.
So the parent interviews start this month for next year, so I sure hope Frank and I 'pass' he he he. I will start putting a questionaire list together in the mean time - yup you all know how I can be :)



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