Monday, October 12, 2009

I ho I ho it's off to doc i go

Well the witch arrived a day late (after building up much anticipated hope) on Friday. I even poas in the hope that maybe, just maybe i may be lucky :) Oh well.
So with her arrival, it marks the fifth month for me on clomid. I figured i would do the whole six months on the stuff if anything, just to please my doc & then go for more tests from there.
The very strange thing is I sometimes get cramps, but on Friday, man they were crippling me.
Then the witch confused me even more by disappearing again yesterday afternoon. That means my af was 2.5 days long??? Well that was enough for me & I made an appt to see the doctor on the 23rd October at 14h15. I am of course hoping he finds no irregularities, but also hoping that he finds an answer for something (Ie uterus lining too thin etc).

On the other news, Connor is full of the flu again :(
I was getting so excited, as he actually slept in his own bed on Tues & Wed and only came into our room in the morning. I of course thought this is a good turn & from now on he'll stay in his own room. Boy was that dream short lived. Shame I can't blame him though, he really not feeling too great, so have just been dosing the poor lil chap!

Frank's leaving for Mozambique tomorrow! Yes of course i am green with envy, but the thoughts of joining a 'fishing club trip' were not too appealing, so I am hoping that Connor and I will get our trip to Mozam sometime soon.

Other than that, it's still bladdy raining, but is so so so humid - the joys of living in a tropical area!


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