Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sickly beings

I took Connor off to the gp yesterday. Firstly because i had the worse hay fever ever, and couldn't sleep because of my itchy mouth. Secondly because Connor has had the flu on & off for the past two weeks.
The diagnosis is: Connor got some anti biotics to clear up his infection as it was going into his tonsils again. He also got some anti histamine which helped to clear his blocked nose.
I on the other hand got some unexpected news. My asthma is back with a vengeance :( I am now on steroids to help my lungs & doc reckons if i don't sort it out now, I will be in hospital for it in less than 6 mnths. So obviously i decided to take the meds - which is for at least two months, then will be reassessed. I also have an ear infection which according to doc looks like big water bubbles in my ear, so got and anti biotic for that & some celestamine for the hay fever! Wow I am feeling like I am falling apart.

The good thing about the appt is Dr. Sookram (man i love this woman) suggested i have my thyroid rechecked as it was a bit over active last time i saw her. She said i won't conceive if that's not right & she understands my 'need' to fall pg quickly he he he. So I had some bloods drawn & should get the results by Friday. Jo (Dr. Sookram) also copied Dr. Wellensiek (gynae) in on the results, so he'll have a copy too :)
Oh and I was discussing the Femara / Clomid debate with Jo. She said that some new results should be coming out by the end of the year that prove that Femara is much less harsh on the body & produces much better results than the Clomid!!!! I will be seeing her next year for the Femara if nothing materialises by then (Dr. Wellensick doesn't know about Femara!!!!)
The other thing is I am not sure if i will keep my gynae appt for next week as it seems a bit futile if my thyroid is over active. Well will keep you posted on the results.

As for now, I am going to have a nap with my lil prince.


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