Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The weekend came and went quickly!
Frank worked on Saturday, so Connor and I spent the day cleaning house, playing in the garden and shopping! Connor's always complaining about the sun when he's in old faithful (my car) so I decided to buy him his first pair of sunnies, he loves them :)

Frank then surprised us with a trip down to Southbroom on Sunday! It was an awesome drive and great having time to chat! We went to a restaurant called 'riptide' which is right on the beach. The food was ok, but the view and position of the restaurant is stunning! Afterwards lunch, we took Connor down to the beach and just let him play for a bit. We then finished up with ice creams before heading back home again!
I must say, life at the coast is pretty idylic..........................

This week i am looking into what it takes to open a child minding / creche facility. I still can't get Connor into any schools, so hence my idea. Will keep you posted.


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