Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mid week

Hi just a little update:

Well it's midweek already & thought I would surprise you all with another post :)
Not much is actually really happening. Except Frank's paid for all the building materials now, and we will hopefully start our building this weekend! I am actually excited for it :) As for the créche story, we still aren't 100% sure if I am going to do it. Reason being is I am not sure it's what i want to do. I mean to do something like that, you have to do it because you really really want to. Although I love kiddies alot, I am not sure it's what i really really want to do with not much income. Also the long hours worry me as I won't be able to spend the special time with Connor like i do now - so ja back to the drawing board on that idea.

TTC side, around 16dpo today, so the witch should make an appearance tomorrow evening. Now I am cramping quite badly today & not left with much optimism - will keep you posted!

Enjoy your evening all

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