Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blame it on the ....................

I know it's unbelievable how quickly the time goes by & I just don't get round to my blog :(

Well we had an awesome long weekend spent with Dave & Christeli from Jhb. They actually came down to Scottburgh for the weekend & we ended up going & staying with them!
It was really nice, the kids got to play together and we at least had one nice day of sunshine which we spent on the beach :)
The guys went to the rugga on the Friday night, and obviously got home very late again - they battled to keep their eyes open on Saturday he he he
Connor had a blast with his cuzzie (Amber), I will try and post some pics soon!
Then basically we have had non stop rain since Sunday evening!!!!! I kid you not, it's been alot of rain! I of course phsychologically (sorry can't spell that to save my life) tell myself it's an excuse to eat & stuff everything down my throat ha ha ha
Connor is doing well, but like mentioned earlier, is getting bored sitting at home. I have tried to keep him busy this week so far though! Monday we went to the post office & did some grocery shopping (yeah i know it's boring, but hey at least we get out of the house a bit).
Tuesday we went through to the pavillion - it was awesome spending time with Connor & I ended up getting him a few things for xmas! Well he actually picked the things, but forgot about them by the time we got home, so I put them away he he he. Yesterday we went to the mommy group, but Connor wasn't too keen on playing with the kids this time around! But its alright :)
Then this morning (after a restless evening with Connor) we got up early to pick up Frank from the airport! Everything went ok, except Connor in his own mind had decided that we were going to the airport so WE could fly on the aeroplane! Needless to say we had heartbreak on the way home :( But he knows we will go on a plane 'soon' (his own words) as we will be going to Jhb in Dec!
Hmmm so that's about all so far, will try update again soon!!!!!!!

Oh ttc side: I am CD25 today and approx 10dpo, af is due around thursday next wk. I may poas on Monday IF there's no sign of AF! Hold fingers!
I have been cramping since yesterday, but oddly, on both sides! Hope this is a good sign, but the sane side of me is telling me it may be cysts again!


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