Monday, September 21, 2009


The weekend has come and gone and it's Monday again :)

Friday we didn't really do too much other than scoff some kfc (man i love that stuff) and watched some tv!
Saturday I took Connor down to the beach in the morning to watch his dad come in after fishing, and we ended up spending the majority of the day there! Wow it was an awesome day. (will post some pics later). Frank was very brave and took Connor in the sea, damn that water is bladdy cold!!! I of course got burned to a crisp again :( I was so so so stupid, but figured we were only going to the beach for a few hours so didn't put sunscreen on! I of course covered Connor from head to toe in sunblock and smeered Frank too - but didn't think of myself! Oh well, at least my body had it's first taste of 'summer sun' and I made a note to self 'cover in sunblock whenever heading to the beach'!!!

TTC side, I ddin't get a +opk this weekend, but we managed to keep up with our 'homework'! I am hoping that i ovulated even though it doesn't show on an opk. Hold fingers everyone!

Oh whilst i am on the chat of babies, I just wanted to say congrats to Shinel & Tak on the birth of their baby girl, Talulah Faye!!! She is absolutely gorgeous and has my broody hormones on over drive he he he.

Check back later, will post some pics :)


Friday, September 18, 2009

O Weeekend

Yippee it's a rainy Friday here and that means movies under a blankie :)

It just so happens that it's the big 'o' weekend, so hoping this weather helps a bit ;)

We've had the builder come and look at our premises, and it looks like we will start building in 2 wks time! How exciting yet nerve wrecking at the same time. I have decided that i will have no more than 20 kids and will offer a full day. There's obviously loads of things that I still have to do in preparation, but I am feeling excited already :)

Anyways, hold fingers for us & enjoy your weekend.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

General information

Wow just to find general information to opening a creche is an absolute nightmare - no surprise in this country right?
Anyways, the progress to the creche plan is that Frank suggested we build at the bottom of our garden & put a room & toilets down there for the kids to use. He also said that he'll put up jungle gyms etc!! I am very excited about this but of course a bit nervous.
I have been looking for info on line about it, but still need to do some more research so will keep you posted!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The weekend came and went quickly!
Frank worked on Saturday, so Connor and I spent the day cleaning house, playing in the garden and shopping! Connor's always complaining about the sun when he's in old faithful (my car) so I decided to buy him his first pair of sunnies, he loves them :)

Frank then surprised us with a trip down to Southbroom on Sunday! It was an awesome drive and great having time to chat! We went to a restaurant called 'riptide' which is right on the beach. The food was ok, but the view and position of the restaurant is stunning! Afterwards lunch, we took Connor down to the beach and just let him play for a bit. We then finished up with ice creams before heading back home again!
I must say, life at the coast is pretty idylic..........................

This week i am looking into what it takes to open a child minding / creche facility. I still can't get Connor into any schools, so hence my idea. Will keep you posted.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday :)

It's weekend :) :) Time to have some 'family' time - I think it's something we need right now!

Not much planned really, except we may take Mr. C out for dinner tonight - will see how Frank's case progresses.

Oh and I bought some material today to finally cover our 'poef'! For those of you that don't know - it's an awesome poef, but it's falling apart. The cover is totally ripped off now & there's only sponge in it's place. I don't know how successful we are going to be upholsterers, but hey it's worth a try right?

Anyways, you have an awesome weekend.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009


That's how I am feeling again! I don't know what it is, but I just feel so useless.........................
I think this idle sitting around doing nothing, with no purpose makes it even worse. I need a job or something :(

I phoned the creche that I am hoping to send Mr. C to this morning, and it doesn't look too promising :( The receptionist said they are still only sorting through the 'sibling list' and only then will they attend to the waiting list. I enrolled Connor in March 09 for next year, and they are telling me they're full already!!!! Oh and the ironic thing - there's still a notice on there sign saying '2010 enrolments now open'! I am peeved about this as the creche is on our street and a mere walk away from our house, so I really wanted him to go there.
I guess I will have to go look at other options.........


Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday's af arrival

Well just to make sure that my Monday is really blue, AF decided to arrive. I am pretty miserable about it as I was starting to think it could have been the month as I was feeling very nauseas. I guess i just put that down to Clomid side effects again!

This month's plan: Clomid 100mgs (or maybe 50mgs) from cd1-5. Will use the cp around ovulation time & just hold fingers.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday & feeling better :)

Yippee, just in time for the weekend, I am starting to feel human again!
Connor is looking better too, so looks like a good weekend is in store for us :)
I will fill you in on what we get up to next week, but in the mean time I have to share the 'catch of the day' with you.
This is what Frank caught this morning, just off Toti Main beach, it's a salmon of 22kgs!!!!

I don't know why my pic's don't seem to be the greatest quality at the moment, but it's the same camera?

Anyways, I am off to buy some groceries.

Have an awesome weekend all XXXXX

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh so sick

Now I hate to complain about having a cold, but damn, I feel like death itself! My nose is totally bunged up and my head is about to explode :( The joys of travelling to different provinces?!?!?

Oh on another note, Mr. C fell off the bottom of his bed last night whilst fast asleep! He's also coming down with the flu and I think he must have been very restless! Needless to say, he woke up with the biggest bump on his head this morning, poor lil man - talk about being in the wars!

No sign of af yet. Did have a bit of cramping, but not too bad. I have the lower back ache though, which is a sure sign of her impending arrival :( Will kup!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

TTC Garb

Today is cd25, approximately 12dpo!
What this means is af is due more or less Friday, and this cycle, I will NOT be testing early! I will not give in to temptation & I WILL try to be strong he he he. I don't know how long this will last though! ;)
Like i said in my previous posts, my darkest opk was on Thursday, and we only got to bd on Friday evening. So we could still have a very small chance, but I am not too optimistic this month :(
Hopefully next cycle (if there is one) will be more successful!



Home sweet home

We are home sweet home again!
We had an awesome time in Johannesburg but just regret at how quickly the time flies by!
It was so nice spending time with my sisters, but I think Connor had the best time with his cousins! It was none stop play from the minute they all woke up!
Connor has become the #1 fan of 'Ben 10'! It was so sweet to watch him in the mornings, he'd get up and run to Cole's cupboard and cry until someone put a Ben 10 shirt on him!
Oh how they pick these things up from their cuzzies! I have also been renamed to 'nicki' now and not mommy any more!
Here's a pic of the hat I had to put on (with Ben 10 on) to get him to fall back to sleep again at 11pm!
One of Connor at the airport, ready to come home, kitted in Ben 10 from the head down!

I managed to get together with Taryn and her family on the Saturday, as well as to see a couple of our mutual friends too! Connor once again had a blast there, running around with all the other kids!
Oh Taryn cut Connor's hair for me too, it's in the "Maddox" style now (almost mohican). I am sure in later years Connor will wonder just what the hell i was thinking, but for now it's adorable :)

Connor's joyous face as he descends the slide:

The weather was a bit colder than here at the coast, but not unbearable.

The boys played quite a bit of soccer whilst we were there & it's too sweet to see them all running around in their 'kits':

And just a few of the cuzzies:

Will update ttc side shortly!



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