Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Well we've been keeping relatively busy since my last post. We had a camping weekend in Cape Vidal the weekend that's just gone! It was awesome, such a stunning place. My only complaint was the weather, we had a lot of rain, but when it wasn't raining, it was so so humid it's unbelievable. All in all we had a good time though. Frank was chuffed as he caught two fish, one of 11.5 kgs and the other 9kgs (both are Dorado):

Connor feeding the bokkie's and a pic of the pesty monkey's eating our chips!

Connor of course loved the camping part. He actually went to bed on his own, just so that he could 'dudu in the tent'.!! :)

TTC side i am approx 16dpo today, and starting to cramp. The optimistic thing i have going this month is that i have lower backache (which i don't normally get) which i had when i was pg with Connor. I vowed not to poas until tomorrow, so i will be doing that first thing in the morn. Pls hold fingers for me!

Otherwise we are getting excited now as it's only 10 sleeps until we see the family in jhb! Can't wait!

And now i leave you with a pic of the cutest butt ever:

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