Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Just a little update on the going's on in the Franken homestead.
I would like to start by saying Congrats to my dear hubby, he has had his best month of sales this month!!! Well done baby!
I on the other hand am getting rather dispondent about the lack of response for my massage classes! I seriously thought i would have had a better response, but hey i guess i should keep the head up and just persevere!
Connor's doing very well and is getting yet another tooth - so yup sleepless nights once again, but hope it passes quickly. I am in the process of arranging his second birthday party on the 18th July. Well his birthday is the 17th, but the 18th is the Saturday, so makes more sense! The most exciting news about this is Carys and Shaun have decided to come down for the weekend! Yippee i am so glad Connor's auntie and uncle will be here for the bid day!
I can't beleive that it's nearly two years ago since i had him, it honestly seems like just yesterday and yes he is still my baby!
TTCwise, i am on cd 27 today. Feeling very afish. I woke up with a headache that seems to have passed now & have rather tender bbs. Now don't get excited by these symptoms, as remember I took Clomid this month & it gives the same side effects. Personally i think af will be here by Friday or Saturday. Yup i wish i was one of the lucky ones who falls pg in the first month, but some how i don't think i am that lucky he he he. The good part is it looks like a relatively 'normal' cycle! Will keep you posted!


  1. Yay....we are soo excited to see you guys for Conneys birthday (think he's gonna have the best day ever)....yay....
    Yeah I think just carry on looking for people for your baby massage, maybe because it's winter....people get funny when it's cold:)

    Anyways love ya lots and so looking forward to seeing ya:)

  2. There is still time to get lucky this cycle :)


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