Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thirty Third Birthday

Yes I know I look younger than 33, but thought i would be honest with the age & surprise you all!
I had a well ummmm interesting year last year! I can't say it was bad in any way, but hoping this year will be a smidgen better :)
My thirty third year started off really well, I got spoiled with coffee in bed with my two favourite guys! Then i was given the most beautiful white gold necklace with a tanzanite pendant - stunning! Thanks so much babe, I love it ;)
What i am hoping to happen in this year:
* I hope my massage classes take off and that I have so many clients, I don't know what to do with myself
* I am really hoping for a bbfp (beautiful big fat positive pregnancy test)
* I am hoping i see my family grow - yes that means you Carys and Thom
* I know my friend will give me a delayed present in Sept ;)
* I hope my hubby continues to strive in his business
* I am hoping to see a bit more of my family!
* I am hoping Connor's transition to school is easy - yeah i know wishful thinking.....
Well my list could go on and on, but to stop myself being sentimental, i will stop here!

I am going to get ready now for our dinner tonight. We are going to our favourite local restaurant called Zanzibar. I will update with pics soon

Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone - it's well appreciated.


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  1. Ah girl, you no I will try everything to get you that September pressie. :)


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