Monday, July 20, 2009

The second birthday.....

Let me start by saying thanks so much for all the good birthday wishes for Connor - it's great having so many family and friends thinking of him!

Connor's morning started off well, one pressie and a bottle.

I then took Connor to the movies to watch Ice Age 3. It was good except for the fact that the 3D glasses are so big, there's no way of keeping them on a kiddie's face - so Connor just watched is like normal. He fell asleep half way through - but it was all good.
Daddy came home in the afternoon & we gave him his "big pressie" - his Y-Bike! Shame he absolutely loves it!

We then did some party preparation by washing his 'old bikes' so that the friends can ride on them at the party:

After we finished with that, we went and got changed and went to RJ's for dinner. Carys and Shaun drove straight from Jhb to Rj's - so it was awesome having them there for dinner.

Connor played on the climbing frames and had a ride on the dodgems. He had an absolute blast of a time.

His dinner was finished off by mommy asking (more like forcing) the waiters to sing happy birthday to the big boy & blowing out the candles on his ice cream! It was so sweet, then he passed out on my lap.

The rest of our evening was pretty quiet in preparation for the following day.............

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  1. Love the pics!! I'm so glad he had a great bday! Congrats again. Such a big boy now :)


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