Monday, June 29, 2009

Progesterone Test....

I had my progesterone test done last Thursday and man what a nightmare!!!

Nurse drew the blood & told me she can't give me the results, they will get sent to my doc where he will then call me.
Only problem is my doc is on leave.... So i went to my doc's rooms & spoke to his partner's receptionist (who by the way is a real b8tch - sorry if anyone knows her personally), she said she can't give me the results & phoned my doc's partner. He then said that the only way he'll give me the results is if i make an appt with him! Mad Mad
So i went back to the lab & told them there's no way i am making an appt just to get results & asked them if i can PLEEZ phone them for the results. They said nope, it's illegal.
Needless to say, I left there fuming & upset. I was also panicking because my doc only gave me a script for one month clomid, that means if af arrives next week, he wouldn't be here to give me another script as he's only back on the 8th.
So, called my doc's receptionist who sorted everything out for me he he he, it's good to have contacts Wink She phoned the other receptionist & told her to give me the results once they are there.
I got a phone call from a very irritated receptionist Friday morning to tell me that my prog results were 51.2 & I definately did ovulate Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Oh and as for the clomid, my doc's receptionist said i can go get a repeat from the chemist & tell them that the doc will fill the script once he's back!
Damn i love that woman!



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  1. I'm of course hoping that you won't need the next Clomid script!! :)


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