Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Weekend and af update

Well like i mentioned previously, our weekend was spent alone! But it was awesome spending my time with such an angel child!
Friday night was pretty boring. We watched a bit of tv and then hit the sacks! Saturday we got up and went to Inanda road and after getting hopelessly lost, we found the party theme factory shop and went and got connor's stuff for his party. Obviously they didn't have ANYTHING resembling a motorbike, so we went with the next best thing. It's bright colours with aeroplanes, boats, trrains and a flying saucer on! I can't believe that I can't find anything with a bike theme, not even stickers or anything! Oh well.
Then we went and picked up Donna and little Kiara and we took the kids to the movies! Unfortunately though, Ice Age was sold out, so we ended up taking them to see Night at the Museum 2 - and they both thoroughly enjoyed it! It was the first time Connor has been to the movies and I was surprised at how well behaved he was! I then went and got us some take outs and we headed home.
Sunday Frank came home and we all went to the circus! Wow it was good fun except when i put connor on a pony for a ride. The guy who put him on the horse 'yanked' him away from me so quickly, that i think Mr. C got a bit of a fright & screamed his lungs out!!! We all went home and had an early night!!

Monday morning my lovely friend af showed her face! I was actually happy that she arrived as I was starting to worry that i was in for another long cycle! Luckily, my cycle was 31 days, which is perfect! Something i found quite interesting was before i had Connor, my lp (luteal phase - the days after ovulation) was 16 days, it looks like we heading down that route too - which is perfect!!!

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