Friday, July 3, 2009


Yup that's what i woke up to this morning, another bfn! I would say I am not too bothered, but honestly, I was hoping for a first cycle bfp ha ha ha. Yes I know it's alot to ask for, but hey a girl can dream right? Seeing as though today is 14dpo, I can only presume that af will arrive over the weekend. I have a feeling that Frank is slightly more bummed than me, but hey at least we get to practice again right???? ;) The strange thing is, i have all the ips (imaginery pregnancy symptoms) possible - guess it's from the clomid?

I have just completed Connor's birthday invitation - what a mission! Do you think i could find any program that has motorbikes on? So ja i just had to 'make do':

So I have been left to my own devices this weekend as Frank decided on the last minute that he's going fishing in the Transkei. Now under normal circumstances, i would be pretty peed off, but he's done so well with his sales that i think he deserves the break! Hope he catches lots!
As for Connor and I well......................... McDonalds for sure tonight (sorry baby ;)) tomorrow we will go looking for his birthday goodies during the day, then will be watching Ice Age 3 tomorrow night. This will be his first time at the movies yippee.......... hope he behaves he he he
Sunday I am hoping to go to the circus, but will go and check out the tickets and show times first!
So with that - have an awesome weekend.


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