Thursday, July 30, 2009

Well done

Just wanted to say well done to Marcelle who got her book listed! If you want to take a look, please go here: Baking Maybe's

I just wanted to mention too that Connor slept through last night!!!! He slept from 7pm until 6:20 this morning - wow how awesome it was to get a decent night's sleep. We spent some time on the beach yesterday, so I think the fresh sea air might have knocked him out!

TTc side, not much news really, cd 25 today and this cycle seems to be draaaaging it's feet somewhat. It feels like I have been on the same cycle for a few months already he he he. I think i will perhaps poas next week friday IF af decides to stay away. Hold fingers.............


1 comment:

  1. Next week Friday?? You must be smoking something if you think I'll let you wait till then. :)

    Thanks for the congrats on my book ;-)

    YAY for Mr C sleeping through!


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