Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Computer update

Well i just got my computer back. It's hard drive crashed & I basically lost everything :( I am so super bummed about it, but on the positive side, at least i have now learned a lesson:
Back up everything!!!
I have yet still to plug the thing in, but to be honest, i am too peed off to do it right now he he he. I will plug it in later & see how it goes.

Frank was in Jhb last night, and will be back tonight. I can't wait, one night alone sux!
I had to take the Audi in for a service this morning, so just waiting on them calling me to pick it up again.
i have a few more pics of Mr. C to share with you too:

The best way to eat meat - with dad's filthy pliers of course:

Just too precious - loving his rugby ball:

And i had to just share that my kittie's now actually sleep next to each other. Not that Cody accepts the kitten yet, but hey we getting there slowly but surely ;)

TTC side: had a bit of cramping this morning. On my chart, it shows that i am officially 5dpo today, that is of course if i ovulated. I will be going for my blood tests tomorrow & will keep you posted!

Enjoy your evening. And my friend (you know who u are) I am thinking of you XXX


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