Friday, June 19, 2009

19th June

Well like i mentioned in the previous post, i have been pretty slack with updating my blog, so thought i would do a quick update now.

All's been going well with us on the home front. I have been kept busy with organising my baby massage classes which by the way have been going very well! I was nervous as hell for the first class, but once i got going, it was smoothe sailing!
We went to Mtwalume over the weekend for a fishing competition and it was as beautiful as ever. I took a couple of pics of Connor on the beach near the tidal pool, and you can see the guys fishing in the background:

The fishing was pretty slow with some smaller fish coming out this time. Frank managed to catch 3 snoek and here's a picture of him with his little fishing partner ;)

Here's a nice pic of the guys fishing:

Please excuse my face he he he, but here's a pic of me with my 'babbaloo'. I pulled a funny face to try make him laugh!

Then these are just some pics of Connor - man he's just so cute!



  1. Love the pics!! At first I thought "what fishermen"... I don't see fishermen, just boats in the distance... Light bulb moment... fishermen in boat LOL

  2. How how beautiful the photos are! Connor is getting so big... Time sure is flying by!


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