Monday, June 8, 2009

JHB trip

Sorry, i know i have been super bad at updating but will try my best now:
Jhb was awesome.  We had such a good time seeing everyone & Connor loved playing with his Nephews!  
On Friday (29th) Michelle treated me to a massage & boy oh boy was it awesome!  I think it goes down as one of the best massages i have ever had!
Saturday we went to Taryn & Vern's place for Reilly's birthday party!  Connor had a blast playing with all the kids & didn't even have a nap during the day!  It was so nice to see all the 'old' friends again!
Saturday night Michelle, Carys & I went to watch Tap dogs at Monte Casino!  What a fantastic event - I would definately recommend it!  Connor stayed at Michelle's place with the boys and Poppy.
Sunday we went and watched the boys play Soccer in the morning and then Carys, Connor and I went through to Irene Dairy Farm to meet with the girls from mommy!  It was so nice putting faces to all the names & we had a really good time!  Of course the highlight was meeting Marcelle, whom i have known for the past three years, but only met now!  Here's a pic of us with our little ones! :

Monday morning Mich and I took the little ones for breakfast and then fetched the 'big boys' from school.  We then all spent the day outside where Connor learned to go down the slide head first - boys will be boys???

The flight home was good, I forgot to ask for a window seat but fortunately no one came to sit there, so Connor could look out the window.  He loved the take off, but fell asleep shortly after that.  So of course when he woke up when we had just landed, the tears broke out because he wanted to be 'up' again LOL!  

Frank was waiting in the airport for us and it was so nice to see him!  Connor of course was very happy and gave daddy loves all the way to the car!

So that was our jhb trip - short, yet really really nice!

PS:  Sorry not many pics at our camera was on the fishing trip that Frank went on!

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