Friday, June 19, 2009

Surgeon check up

I know it's been ages since i have updated my blog, but i have been kept pretty busy over the past few weeks! Also, my computer bombed on Wednesday, so i am officially computerless! Luckily my dear understanding hubby lets me occasionally use his pc, as long as i understand that if something goes wrong with his computer, IT WILL be my fault he he he.

Anyways, just to update on the doctor visit from the 9th June. Well doc did a thorough exam and seems very happy with the results. He said there is actually no fistula, but his urethra opening is a bit further down instead of on the tip. The meatus (this is the opening which is a slit instead of a hole) seems to be back again, but this time doc says we must not fix it. Apparently he went to a conference with doctors from overseas & the general idea is that they now leave a mega meatus alone. The reason being that as the penis grows with time, the meatus moves up to the tip of the penis & will generally look normal! Had we known this prior to his last op, we wouldn't have operated! BUT we did get the opening closer to the tip with the last surgery, so i am not too upset at having it done.
So the general outcome is: Connor can stand & pee like a 'normal' boy. He will be able to ejaculate and maintain a normal erection so therefore NO MORE SURERY! Yippeeee..........
I was so relieved to hear this & doc is very happy too!

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