Monday, June 22, 2009

He he he

Ok before you all think i am a super bad mom, obviously i didn't get my little babbaloo tattoed, but he did come with me whilst i got mine fixed, and just thought i would pull your leg!
Here's some more pics of the tattoo venture:

And the finished product:

It was really great because the england rugby team, as well as the springboks were staying at the Beverley Hills hotel in Umhlanga, which was opposite the tattoo shop. So we got to see all the players of both teams - huge excitement!
Friday was pretty quiet, we just watched some dvd's. We got Yes man, and the reading. While i thoroughly enjoyed both flicks, Frank was not tooo keen on The reading.
Saturday after the tattoo, we had Roly (Roland) over for a braai, and to watch the rugga.
Then Sunday was fathers day. Frank got spoiled with breakfast in bed (which Roly also took part in) and then we headed off to see what fish' the guys all caught. There's huge excitement at the moment as it looks like the sardine run should hit us some time this week, so obviously the guys are catching big fish! After the fish viewing, we made our way to the pavillion where Frank got some shirts & a pair of pants for fathers day! We then dropped Roly off and headed to my in laws. We bought Chris (Frank's dad) a cooler box for fathers day, and i must say, he looked very chuffed.
Finally at around 5:30pm, we headed home where we did the usual routine thing of feeding the zoo, then the kid, then bath time, bottle time and bed time.

On the ttc front, we managed to 'cover' Friday, but the rest of the weekend we were too tired! Aai jai jai, yes we are getting too old. Friday's opk was lighter than on Thursday, so i didn't bother to test again. Hold fingers for a 'normal' cycle for me.


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  1. Looks totally AWESOME. Love it!!

    I'm right there wishing for a normal cycle for you!



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