Monday, June 8, 2009

First weekend of June

I am going to back track a bit to Thursday!
Frank left at the crack of dawn to go to jhb on business.  We got up at the usual time and pottered around.
I called about getting my ankle tat fixed up, but think it will have to wait until next week as i can't go there with Connor.
"Ouma" then came to pick us up and take us to the airport where we then picked up Frank's car and went home.
Thursday evening went without any problems and i was in bed by 10pm.
Friday was ok.  I was awoken by the glorious arrival of af, right on schedule as my doc appt was today!  I will update below ** Connor hasn't really been sleeping very well due to a mixture of problems.  First being he is still full of the flu, and secondly he's still teething.  Hopefully he'll get back in to the swing of things and sleep through again.  I went and got Connor some more meds today in the hopes of actually getting some sleep tonight.   Frank called me and told me he won the independent contractor of the year award!!!  Well done babe, i am super proud of you!!!
Saturday we went to Mia's first birthday party.  It was really sweet, but of course i forgot to take some pics again.  We got home around 5pm and started the routine of feed, bath and bed.  
I got into bed around 9pm, but once again we didn't get much rest :(
Sunday we went through to the pavillion (as i had promised Connor a fish and a bowl) and i got some................ well actually it's a secret for now he he he.  I unfortunately couldn't get the fish nor the bowl, but will search again later.
We picked Frank up around 1pm and Connor was like his shadow for the rest of the day!
I took Connor to the nursery around 4pm (So Frank could sleep a bit) and got him a little fish and bowl.  It's too cute & he loves it!  Except of course, he tries to climb in the bowl to swim with the fish LOL!!!

** Ok ttc side:  Like mentioned above, i had a doc appt on Friday to see what was happening.  Of course in typical af behaviour, she arrived in the morning.  I still went to see the doc and he said i should definately start on the Clomid again to regulate my body.  So our poa for this cycle is to take the clomid cd3-7 and then a prog test on cd21 to tell if i did in fact ovulate or not!  Yay it feels good knowing i have a plan, hopefully the body will just co-operate now!

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