Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today started off with pure panic because i am thinking of all the things i need to get done today:
* Go get stuff from the shops
* Paint Nails
* Pack my clothes
* Pack Connor's clothes..... and the list goes on!
So I thought before i get going with my list, i would update my blog first!
I have confirmed two mommies at least for the start of my classes, it's so exciting & I am sure i will get a few more before I start!
I think Connor has started to come down with something as he was awake quite a bit last night!  I can't be sure, but it also looks like his tummy is sore!  Will just keep an eye on it & if any thing progresses, i will whisk him off to a doc in Jhb!  Now speaking of my little terrorist, i found some recent pics of him that i would love to share:

So tonight we are flying out to jhb.  Wow it's so exciting to spend some time with the family!  Connor is going to have a fantastic time & is already crying to go on the plane!  There's so much planned but i just can't wait to see everyone really!
I won't have internet access, so will only be able to update you once we get back next week!
On the ttc front: no news really.  CD flippen 33 today & no af!  Left a message for the doc and hopefully he'll be calling me back today.  I think i will suggest another appointment with him rather than just taking more meds, as I am not comfortable taking meds if we don't know the real reason af is missing.  I have a feeling that i have endometriosis again, but would have to confirm that via a laparoscopy!  So guess i will see what doc suggests first!
Ok let me begin my chores.  

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