Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tues 28th

Things changed a bit with regards to my natural route of things mentioned on Friday.  The gynae phoned and suggested that i start on Provera (which is basically progesterone) as soon as possible to sort my hormones out.  It will basically balance out my hormone balance and then I should **hopefully** be able to proceed with the baby making as soon as my next cycle.  So I started on the meds on Saturday and will be taking them for 10 days.  There after i should have af 3-7 days after the last pill and HOPEFULLY two weeks later we will head towards the big o again!
We had an awesome weekend spent with lots of shopping, playing and chatting with the in laws!
On Saturday morning I got a huge fright!  Connor fell off our bed and fell straight onto his forehead!  His head had a HUGE bump, the size of a golf ball and i was so worried!  He of course got over it quite quickly, but I think he had a huge headache!  (Will put a pic up as soon as possible).
After the 'accident', Isabel, Chrizel and I took Connor to the pavillion and he got very spoiled with me buying him quite a bit of winter clothing :)  There was a huge thunder storm on the way home and it came as a huge surprise because when we arrived at the mall, the sun was shining & it was actually quite warm!
Frank got back on Sunday and said he had a really great time camping at the mmc2009!  It's great to have him back at home though, and Connor of course was ecstatic!
Yesterday Frank's friend Gareth came round for a braai with his daughter.  It was a lovely day and luckily the weather held up nicely!
I just realised today that i will be leaving in a weeks time for Jhb!!!  Yes it came as a shock because i would have sworn that i had over 2 wks to go before i fly off!  Oh well, i am very excited and really hope it's an awesome course.
I am feeling extremely nauseas and tired from these meds today, so will say cheerio for now so i can go get some rest :)

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