Friday, April 24, 2009

Talk about dissappointment.......

What a way to start the day!
I got up this morning to find Aunt Flo popped her ugly head in for a visit again!!  Soooo what does that mean for me?  Well for starters, i didn't ovulate last cycle and secondly, my cycle was only 15 days long!  So now the serious guns need to be pulled out.  The options are a) get clomid script from doc.  This is an ok idea as it should regulate my cycle, BUT Clomid increases the chances of ovarian cysts.  With my history of cysts, perhaps this isn't a great idea to do just yet?
b) do the natural supplement route for this cycle and see if I can get my body to work properly this way?  Yes as you can tell, i love to self diagnose and treat my symptoms he he he.
So the decision is, au naturale!!!  Yup will give some natural supplements a chance this cycle and then take it from there.  Hold fingers people!!
As for the weekend, not much planned really.  I will definately be taking Connor to the pav tomorrow as we need to get him some winter clothes!  I can't believe that my "baby" will now be going into size 24-36 months clothes!  **Shock**  It feels like just yesterday that he was wearing 0 - 3 months!  
Much to Frank's disgust we will be having McDonalds tonight too!  (he he Frank's convinced it gives you brain tumours).
I am in the process of looking for flights to Jhb as we speak, as i am going to do a baby massage course there next month!  

So here's to a good weekend>>>>

Catch up next week ;)


  1. Yeah girl, we have worked out the POA for this cycle. Please send me some McD's, we can have brain tumours together LOL ~**~**~*~

  2. Thanks my friend, don't know what i would do without you ;)


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