Friday, April 24, 2009

Yeah well i couldn't go without adding a bit of exciting news to start the weekend with:)
I just booked for my baby massage course in May!  I will be leaving on the 6th and flying back on the 10th May!  I will be learning the method of Infant Massage through a company that is internationally recognised.  I am soooo excited for it and nervous at the same time LOL!
Honestly i am more nervous about leaving my baby/s for so long!  I have never and i repeat, never left Connor for this long!  I actually get teary eyed about it because i think he will be cross with me and not be as close to me once i am back!  Yes i know this looks crazy in writing, but in real life, it's a huge reality to me!  In the back of my mind i know he'll be ok and will forget about my absence very quickly, but it is still upsetting (yes i am a paranoid mom)!
I know my dear hubby will also be taking a bit of strain with bed time etc, but I have faith that you will sort it out well!

Ok so obviously (how ironic) this course had to start the same day as the big o for me, so I guess now more than ever, this cycle will purely be to check if we can get the body funtioning properly!

Right so seriously now

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