Friday, April 17, 2009

My introduction......

Well this is the start of my blogging days, how exciting!  You will have to bear with me here, as i actually have no idea where to begin with this!
I guess the beginning is to tell you a bit about myself.....................
My name is Nicki Franken and I am a thirty two year old woman.  I am currently a stay at home mom (I have a few interests on the side, but will share them later) as i lost my job in September last year.  We moved to Amanzimtoti three years ago, and i must admit, this relaxed way of life has definately grown on me :)
My son who's a real sweet heart will be turning two in July! My how time has flown, it feels like just yesterday that i was holding this new little baby in my arms, and now he's a big boy!  Well he's still my baby LOL.  He's a real beach boy, with blonde hair and blue eyes, will try upload some pics as soon as i figure out how!

I am married to a wonderful man named Jaco (my nickname for him is Frank as that's how we were introduced years ago).  We celebrated our third wedding anniversary on Wed 15th April, and I am more in love today than i could ever have imagined. (Sorry pretty sloppy i know he he ) Yes we have our ups and downs, but thats pretty normal right?????  We got married in Zanzibar & I couldn't even dream of a more romantic and perfect setting to begin your lives together!

Anyways, we decided on our anniversary that we were going to try for our second child now.  The time seems right with me not working etc, and with me not gettting any younger neither lol.  I have a few ttc (trying to conceive) plans up my sleeve, but for now will be taking it easy.

I am a sister to two wonderful sisters, Carys and Michelle, as well as sister to two wonderful brothers, Thom and Jakon.  The 'boys' stay in the uk, and the 'girls' stay in Jhb.  I am the second eldest, Michelle being the eldest, then me, Thom, Carys and lastly Jakon!  I used to wonder if my mum was crazy to have 5 kids, but i have since realised, it's so nice to come from such a large family and if we could afford it, would probably do the same!
Speaking of mum, she stays in the Isle of Man with Jakon for now.  We're all secretly hoping they'll come back soon, but they'll know when the time is right. ;)
Wow this is easier than i thought.............................

I am an aunt to three very special little boys (Michelle's children) Luke, Cole and Rhys.  I don't get to see too much of them as they stay in Jhb, but when we do, it's good fun having all four little boys running around.....

I have four furry pets, two dogs and two cats.  I will get round to posting more about them soon.
The reason for me starting this blog is to keep a "journal/diary" of our second ttc journey.  As well as to share the every day occurances with you!!


  1. Very nice Nicki!!

    STUNNING Wedding pic of you and Frank!

  2. Hi, Nikki. So glad to hear you will start the trying for the family extention. Miss you guys and must chat soon. Give Mr C a big kiss from us

  3. Hey Nix,
    What a brilliant idea:) Love favourite is that amazing pic of Conney...
    I cant wait to hear all the stories of TTC (soo exciting, I will be an aunt again...)
    Love ya all lots and lots:)


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