Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday & 1 week post op!!!

Things are looking really good with Connor.  His pain is nearly non existent, except for when he urinates in the mornings, then it's clearly painful.  It must be because his urine is so concentrated then?  Overall i am very pleased with the outcome and ecstatic that it wasn't as bad as expected.  This being said though, a bit of bad news.  Connor peed in the bath last night & it appeared to me like he has a fistula.  The reason being it looked like he was peeing out of two holes.  Now Frank has assured me that it can happen with 'normal pee holes' and to just wait and see.  My concern is that it didn't look like the urine was coming out of the same place.  I have decided to wait and see what happens firstly because there's not much we can do at this stage and secondly because we will be seeing the surgeon in three weeks again anyway!
Well i got my first client call on Tuesday and the mommy seemed very excited & said i should keep her posted.  She said she'd email me her details, BUT i am waiting for the email!  :(  I also put more posters up around gynae and paed's rooms, but still no more calls.  I am starting to feel a bit dispondent, but must just persevere.
Some exciting news........ My sister sponsored a flight for me and Connor to go and visit them in Jhb.  So i booked the flight and we leave next tuesday evening (26th) and will be home again on the Mon (1st June).  I can't wait and I am sure Connor is going to love it.  We already have a few things planned.  On Friday, Michelle booked us for some massages - ooooh can't wait.  Connor will maybe go with his cousin to his day mother for an hour or so whilst we get massaged.  I think he's going to love that too as he adores other children!  Then friday afternoon I am hoping to get together with some old friends of mine.  Saturday evening we are hoping to go watch tap dogs at monte casino, but still need to book that!
Sunday I have arranged a picnic at Irene Dairy farm..... i am so excited for it as I am getting to meet some of my 'cyber' friends from mommy!  One lady in particular I have known for years and now finally we are getting to meet one another - how exciting!!!
Ok the cycle.  On cd28 today and have a feeling that af is nowhere near.  This under 'normal' circumstances would be exciting, except that it's nearly impossible for me to be pg this cycle.  I have no idea where i am in the cycle, and don't even know if i am actually on cd28 as i had spotting on the 8th May which could have been the start of a new cycle!  So ja, if you are confused reading this, just imagine how i feel he he he.  Will keep you posted on any progress though ;)
Ok scooting off to shower eventually ;)

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