Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wow well I am back from the freezing cold Jhb and had an absolutely amazing time!  Lets start by Thursday, it took Carys and I a whole three hours to get from Benoni to Randburg!  Yup it's crazy, but there was bad rain, a car accident on the highway and best of all Betty the Garmin (Carys and I named her so we could swear at her) took us to the absolute wrong street address!!!  Cals once again, thank you sooooo much for bearing with me and being my chaufeur!  The course was great, but i felt a bit over whelmed when i left on Thurs eve.  It took us approx 2 hrs to get home again and we just spent the evening lazing in front of the tele.
Friday the traffic was much better & it only took us 1hr 20 mins to get to the conference centre.  Needless to say, Carys and i were actually early so it was great that Cals got to have some coffee with me before proceeding to work.  The course was great today and slowly but surely i started feeling a bit more confident.  I spent the night at Chrizels tonight.  Chrizel & Ivette went to watch the rugga, so i did a bit of preparation for the presentation we had to do on Saturday.
Saturday morning was great, it took us 20 mins to get to the place as Chrizel lives so close.  The presentation went well & i did the discussion and closure part (which i felt went well).  I used the topic 'the good and bad times with new baby'.  Saturday evening was spent at Chrizel's friend's place.  We had some wine and watched some movies.  I also practiced my massaging on the two of them - which they seemed to enjoy :)
Sunday the course finished at 3:30 and Chrizel picked me up and took me to Carys and Shaun's place.  We had a good 'kuier' and then they dropped me off at the airport.
The flight home was good, very smooth and I was so happy to be at home.
Connor was asleep in the car & when i picked him up when we got home, he screamed blue murder!  He hates me!!!  He honestly wanted nothing to do with me, so i decided to leave him be & will start the 'sucking up' tomorrow!


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