Friday, May 15, 2009

Op day

We had a very early start this morning.  I woke Connor up at 3:30 am and forced some porridge down his throat.  Well it wasn't really forced as he quite enjoyed it.
We then went back to sleep until 6:30 and we got up, had a shower and made our way to the hospital.
When we got there, we were put in the surgical ward as the paed ward was full of pneumonia's and chest infections etc.
There were two other children in our room though, so Connor was pretty relaxed & even offered his bottle and toy to the other little boy (also named Connor).  He was too cute, pulled me over to the other Connor when he was crying, obviously to see if i could settle him!
Anyways, he had a premed (valagan) at 9 and went beserk for just over an hour.  Then he slowly started getting tired & eventually drifted off to sleep.
At just after 11, the nurse said it's our turn.  So i put his little gown on & carried him into surgery.  Luckily for me (as my nerves were shot by this stage) he was still asleep, so the aneasthetist put the mask slightly away from Connor's face & he slowly drifted even further in to sleep! It was quite funny because i was watching Connor go to sleep & was slowly inhaling the gas my self.  I eventually had to turn away as i was feeling goooooood he he he.  So Connor was put under at 11:16.  I went and had something to eat & then raced back to the surgery waiting room.  I was back in that room in 20 minutes - yes I am paranoid but couldn't stand the thought of Connor waking up alone.
He was gone for 2 hours and by now my nerves were shot.  Then suddenly i heard ma ma and knew that was my nu nu.  I jumped up as they were wheeling him out of recovery and he grabbed my hand and went back to sleep.  He had a good sleep for about 1.5 hours afterwards and only woke up when the doctor came to see us.  Dr Shaik said it's a good job that we did the 'correction' as the area where the hole was had a lot of scar tissue & the skin was very thin.  This means that within a few years (approx 5 years) the skin would have gotten tighter and tighter and the hole would have moved even higer up his penis.
I was very scared to have a look, but was very releaved when doc said he decided not to put a catheta in.  I had a quick peek whilst getting him dressed & was relieved to see it didn't look too bad.  Well obviously, it's very swollen and very bruised, but overall no where near as bad as the first surgery.
Doc said we could go home, so Frank picked us up around 4pm and we headed home.
The bath was a bit of a mission, i tried to make him stand in a bit of water so i could just sponge him down, but he wanted to sit - so i just sped up the process & had him out of the bath in 5 minutes!  The reason is the doc said the area must be kept as dry as possible, so soaking in the bath is not a good idea just yet.
The bandage is very simple this time.  It's basically just some paraffin gauze covered with normal gauze.  It's not wrapped around the penis or anything, just simply placed over it to prevent sticking to the nappy.
By 7:00pm, connor was fast asleep again.  So I had a quick shower and was in bed by 8:30, passed out!
Connor woke up at 10:40 and then slept until 3am.  Then I gave him stopayne & he slept until 6am. ..................................................

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  1. Ag our sweet little boy.... so glad it's over with!!! Take good care of him!! :)


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