Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday (4 days post op)

Thank you so much everyone for all the sms's, phone calls and messages!
The weekend went by ok.  Connor for the most parts is doing well and only seems to battle when he urinates.  
Friday Frank went bait fishing in the evening whilst Connor and I had a quiet tv evening on our own.  It turned out however that Frank was back before long as there wasn't many fish!!
Saturday we cleaned up in the morning a bit then went to a friend's (Louis)place for a braai (bbq).  It was nice seeing all the friends again & the kids had an absolute blast.  Shame Connor fell off Louis bed whilst i was trying to get a nappy etc ready for him & banged his eye again :(  I felt awful, but he recovered relatively quickly.  Shame he actually looks like an abused child at the moment with all his bumps and bruises!  We got home at 7pm and Connor went to bed around 8.  He's not been sleeping well because of the op, but we all hanging in there as we know it will get better!!  I have been giving him alot of pain meds, as i really don't want the lil guy to suffer too much!
Sunday was an extreme lazy day.  I cleaned house most of the day whilst Frank and Connor worked in the garden etc.  Our outing was to the shops and back.  
Connor only woke up twice last night and i gave him some stopayne around 1am.  He then slept until 7:30am this morning.
Today I have been busy with designing my gift vouchers etc and will go 'canvassing' tomorrow for my clients for my practical.  I am so excited to get going, yet nervous too.

As for the ttc side..........................
Well it's just not happening at the moment & it's really getting me down.  Like i mentioned, more than anything, i just want my body to start funtioning again.
So today is 14 days past my last provera tablet.  I was expecting af to show within 10 days of the last tablet, so when that did not happen, i called the doc.  Doc said that because i took it to stop the bleeding, i should have my af like a normal cycle.  So today is cd25 and i am so hoping that i will have af by the end of this week.  I am having incredible cramping down under, so hopefully that's a good sign.  Hold fingers......................................

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  1. Wishing right along side you!! Crossing fingers and toes that your cycle gets sorted by the end of this week. :)


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