Monday, March 15, 2010

Update on everything

Ok so a general update since the last post:

Connor's parent's evening was too cute. It wasn't a one on one parents evening as such, more as a group thing. The kids showed us the songs they sing at school & we got to have a look through the work that they have done so far. We had a general chat with the teacher then & apparently Connor's doing very well. Des (Connor's teacher) said that Connor is good with colours and shapes & that he's adjusted to school very well. I am so very proud of my 'big boy'!!
Speaking of proud, Connor did a number two in the loo last night! I know it's not big to many of you, but to us it's ground breaking he he he. Lets hope it was the start of good things :)

Our Joburg trip was awesome. Connor loved playing with his cousins again and it was great getting to see the family again! It was so nice to have some cooler weather too, as it's been so hot here by us that it's nearly unbearable!
On a down side, we were broken in to on the 6th March and the thieves took our two tv's, jewellery, dvd machines and radio. Aaaai what can I say? It sux about the stuff, but the thing that really irks me is the fact that these aholes break in, take what they want & then get away with it!!! I also think it is the builders guys that were here as they were a bit dodgy and whomever broke in, new our big dog as no one would risk coming in with him normally. Unfortunately though, we can't prove it & we don't know where they stay, so we just have to accept it and move on :(

Not much happening here this week. I will be taking Connor to the doctor today as he has had a bad cough for the past two weeks now. I wasn't too worried about it, but he's started coughing more & is wheezing too so decided to rather take him and get some more meds.

Anyways, have an awesome day & hope to update again soon


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