Monday, March 15, 2010

It's a ......................


Wow I am so happy and excited! I thought Frank may be a bit disappointed (as he wanted a daughter) but he seems over the moon. He said he always wanted a brother to play with as a child (he's got 4 sisters) and knows that Connor will love it! Connor is excited already & is asking when 'baby brother' is coming! So exciting, now I can go and get the room and stuff sorted out.

I went and lay on the bed, waiting to be scanned & the doc started. He asked a few minutes later, do we want to try and tell the gender?? To which I replied, I just saw it's another boy ;) Doc was shocked and asked how do i know, so I told him I saw it. He double checked and was surprised that I was right & said 'i guess you have a well trained eye' he he he. Hey if i wanna know, i wanna know right??

Here's the evidence & I don't think there's much doubting it?

And the 17 weeks profile pic:

So precious !!!

The downs blood results came back 1 in 5010, so that's all good!!
Next appointment is the detailed scan on the 26th March 2010, can't wait to see our 'little boy' again :) :)


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  1. Oh yay!!!!!!! yeah, certainly a boy! :-) Connor will love having a brother to get in all kinds of mischief with! :-) So, any names picked out yet???


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