Monday, March 1, 2010

This week

So I mentioned earlier that I had my bloods drawn today & will update you as soon as I get results.

Then tomorrow night it's my big boy's first parent's evening. I will be going alone (with Connor) as Frank's in Jhb for the day. I can't wait to see what he's been doing in class & to hear what his teacher has to say. Of course I know I will shed a tear or two as well as apparently they're all going to sing us some of the song's that they've learned - darn hormones he he he

Then on Wednesday we are flying to Jhb in the afternoon to go visit the family a bit. I can't wait, but I can tell you, Connor is waaay more excited than me. He's been counting the sleeps from 20 sleeps already :) It's going to be awesome seeing everyone again & I hope to get some pics to share with you all too!

Well that's all for now, tfr XX

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