Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday and not so blue!

Wow what a start to the day! I took Connor to school this morning, only for him to give me a kiss at the gate & go into school with his teacher!! I was so proud of my big boy, but couldn't help shedding a tear at the thought of him being such a big boy he he!

The weekend went very well. Friday I picked Connor up and took him for a much needed (ok only in my eyes) hair cut. We then played all afternoon & then went and got some McDonalds for supper! Yip while F's away, we may eat the stuff ;)

Saturday we got up and I sanded all the rust off Connor's bike & then sprayed it with silver spray! I don't want to pat myself on the back here, but I must say i think it looked rather good! We then went and had a shower and then proceeded to the shops. I had promised Connor a shark tattoo (yes the temporary ones) if he filled his reward chart up for the week. (He gets a sticker for eating supper & sleeping in his own bed every night and once he has filled the whole week with stickers, he gets a reward). We of course couldn't find the darn tattoo, but the lil guy settled on a new pair of Ben10 shoes, and Ben10 playing cards. We went past Ouma and Oupa and then headed home! We were exhausted today because the temperature reached 39 degrees today and that is excluding the humidity (which could add another 5 degrees) - draining!!
Sunday we cleaned house a bit and then headed to the in laws for some lunch. Once again it was sooooo hot that we couldn't even play outside as it was just too too hot! We had an awesome afternoon with toys all over the place & then had an early night & headed to bed!!

Frank's coming home today from Mozambique & I can't wait to see the pics of the big fish he caught!


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  1. And where is the pic of the hair cut?

    Super glad C is settling so nicely into school.



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