Thursday, February 18, 2010

Connor fishing in Mozam (pics)

As mentioned in my previous post, I just have to share Connor's afternooon of fishing in mozambique. This was actually in our drive way at home, but there's nothing like the imagination of a little boy......................
First of all we have to get the fishing tackle bag out of the 'boat'

Then we have to paddle like crazy

and more paddling

Sjoe this is tiring work

Once we finish fishing, we must drain all the water out of the 'boat'

Oops, don't bump the head whilst draining the water

When everything is finished and clean, it's time to head of to the 'fishing shop' to buy some more tackle.....................................

And just a pic I adore of my boys!! (no we are not keen soccer supporters, but my sister bought him the kit whilst overseas ;) )



  1. Hahaha Just like daddy....the most gorgeous boy EVER!!

  2. That is the most ugliest Kit I have ever seen,
    May have to send him the Sky blue of city....
    Great pics though,they catch anything?????


  3. :) :) It's lovely to see my family reading my blog! Yeah Frank caught a 22kg Couta, but don't have the pics yet, waiting for the event organiser's to send it to us. Frank was placed in 5th place for the south african ski fishermen! He he he on the soccer kit ;)

  4. Even I agree that soccer kit is nasty:):) How about a Newcastle one? Mum says she'll get him a proper Manchester kit (City) ....gross....

    Well done Frank (and Connor)


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