Thursday, August 20, 2009

TTC stuff (Boys don't have to read if u don't want to)

Right so we all know that Frank is away this week right?
Well anyways, before i even thought about it properly, I decided that I am fed up of these excrutiatingly loooong cycles and decided to take the clomid from cd1 - 5 in the hopes that I would ovulate earlier and therefore shorten my cycles.
So yesterday was cd12 and I felt a bit of ovulation pain so decided to poaopk. I was amazed, got the second line nearly straight away and was bummed because I was ovulating and Frank's not here. (Yip typical woman right, my body does what i want it to do & I get upset about it he he he)
Then today (cd13) I felt some more activity in the ovaries so decided to do another opk, this is the result:

I have never had such a dark opk before. Now there is something i haven't mentioned about taking clomid cd1-5 and that is it increases the number of follicles, so the chances of a multiple pg are higher. Not that much higher, but still higher and I can't help but wonder if that is why the opk is so much darker this month (as there's more than one egg being released).
Well anyway, i think we will miss the egg this month as I am only seeing Frank tomorrow night and you normally ovulate 12-36 hrs after a positive opk.

The good side: at least we know what to expect for next month.


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  1. Good luck hun!! Hope you guys catch it in time. I wonder now if your LH would be higher with more follies. Makes sense to me. Oh boy, here come the Franken Triplets LOL


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