Friday, August 7, 2009

Alone with af!!!

Well it looks like af is on her merry way! In a way i am sad that I am not pregnant, but in another way, I am glad that she's here meaning I did in fact ovulate! I am so emotional, can't stop the tears for some or other reason (I am never like this normally with af) and feeling alone :( Yip i am feeling sorry for myself.

Yes and on this glorious Friday evening, I am home alone! DH not even answering his phone!!!

Ok now that my vent is done, let me go get something to eat!! I think a whole load of chocolate is in order :)

Enjoy your weekend!!


  1. Let's clarify here. You said AF is on her way, which would mean she has not yet sung, correct? So... If you're totally emotional and this is not a sign of AF have you POAS?????? :-) And about Dh... UGH! Sometimes they just have their heads up their butts and don't care to see anything else going on in their lives! Sorry girl... :-(

  2. ((HUGS)) my friend. I hope you kicked his @ss!!!! x x x x

  3. Thanks for the wishes girls! AF arrived properly on Saturday morning! It doesn't help to kick his ass any more :(


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